Getting The Most From Live Events

handshake isolated on white backgroundYou may remember this blog post where I stated that your most important asset wasn’t your list, which is what most people think, but the connections you make with other marketers. Without the right online connections you will struggle as there are so many things that need to be done, but how do we make these all important connections, especially when just starting out?

By far the best way to make connections with other marketers is face to face and this is usually done at a live event. While we can build relationships online nothing beats shaking someone’s hand and introducing yourself face to face, this is a connection that is impossible to make online. By attending live events I have managed to form solid relationships with some top marketers that has enabled me to transform my business.

There are events happening almost on a daily basis and it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you. However, there are some basic rules you should follow when attending a live event to make sure you gain the most from it.

1. Work Out What You Want to Get From The Event.
It’s very important you work out what you want to get from any event you attend, this will determine the type of event you should go to. Do you want to learn? Do you want to network? Do you want to gain more JV partners? Do you want to connect with potential clients or gain new customers?

2. Connect, Connect, Connect.
Make sure you connect with as many people as possible, shake hands, introduce yourself and start talking. If I could offer one big tip here it is that most of the action happens in the bar each evening, don’t spend it in your room when you could be spending it making those all important connections.

3. Don’t be Pushy.
If you have a pending launch the worst thing you can do is talk about it and bring it up at every opportunity as you will come across as desperate. My advice is to leave the ‘will you promote my product’ talk at home and just concentrate on building relationships, then when you get home you can always contact anyone you’ve formed a relationship with and start from there.

4. Learn as Much as Possible About The People You Want to Connect With.
If you want to get someones attention and you know they are going to be at an event learn something about them before you leave and take some notes with you. Also, if you see a marketer at an event and you don’t know much about them but want to have a chat jump on your phone and spend 5 minutes doing some research, believe me if you mention one of their products you will have their attention. Take this introduction for example. “Hi John, I’m xxxx, I must say your product Simple Traffic Solutions is fantastic, it taught me a lot of traffic tactics I didn’t know, I especially loved the module about gaining JV partners, it helped a lot” Now how could I not be impressed by that introduction?

5. Don’t be The Event Jerk.
There’s one at every event. They hassle you, stalk you to try to catch you on your own, drink too much and act like a fool, talk about nothing but themselves and are generally just annoying. If you’ve never seen the event jerk perhaps it’s you. Don’t be the event jerk.

6. It’s Not About You.
So you made a million off your last launch, you came first in that big JV competition, or you just had Facebook buy your latest app for 17 billion. Who cares? It’s not about you, it’s about what you can do for others, if you want to build those all important connections and form long term business relationships leave the ego at the airport and concentrate on what you can do to help others. If you get this right you will go home with a ton of connections from potential business partners, clients, etc.

7. Not Everyone is a Good Fit For Your Business.
You can’t do business with everyone in the room so concentrate on the people who will give you the time you give them. Don’t force yourself on people as it will usually push them away. Understand that not everyone will want to connect with you and don’t worry if someone gives you the brush off, it happens.

8. Humor is The Ultimate Connector.
This usually happens at the bar and it usually happens in the early hours, some of the best friendships and long term business partnerships have been formed while ‘having a laugh’. If you can have a laugh with someone and forget the marketing talk you will form a far better connection.

9. Events Are About Mutual Benefits.
If you ‘get this’ you will go far, remember that the connections you form are the building blocks to a successful business, but also remember that other marketers are also building their businesses too. If someone reaches out to you listen to what they want from you and what you can do for them because if you don’t you may find no one wants to know you when you get home.

10. After The Event Keep it Going.
Once you get home make sure you follow up with any connections you have made as now is the time to build on the foundations you have built. You should also begin to implement the strategies you have learned (you will learn lots) and to above all make sure that the event was something that can help you take your business forward.

 The Ultimate Event!

If you’ve never been to an event yet I am delighted to announce that ‘ll be attending the Marketing Summit UK event this weekend.

If you are attending and want to hook up please let me know by leaving a comment below and whatever you do make sure attending events becomes part of your business routine.

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