Coaching Case Study – Vickie Sayce

This is a case study from a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program.

Name: Vickie Sayce

Niche: eBay



Hi, I am Vickie Sayce and I would like to tell you why signing up for John Thornhill’s Coaching is the best decision you can make if you would like to make money online.  When John says that he can show a newbie, non-techie how to start their own business he really means it!  I am that newbie (and I do mean COMPLETE beginner)!

I have spent the last 23 years as a stay-at-home mom and everyone’s favorite volunteer.  (I have been on church and school boards.  I was the Volunteer Coordinator for the kid’s school and Volunteer of the Year recognized by the governor. I have planned Fundraisers and Events for school, church, my husband’s company and a local non-profit.  I have been treasurer and president of the PTA and our Homeowners Association.  I also captained several league tennis teams and have sold on eBay as a hobby id: vobrian).  Now that both kids are out of the house, I decided it was time for me to “decide what I want to be when I grow up”.

Last year I started looking into career options; I wanted to find “the perfect job” that I could be passionate about.  At the same time, I also found out that I had to have a SECOND Achilles tendon repair surgery.  (I originally tore my tendon playing tennis, 12/05, I did cast, boot, physical therapy and THEN had to have surgery anyway, 7/06, then more cast, boot, PT!  Long story…it never healed correctly and in March 08 I had to have another surgery.  Yep, cast, boot and I am STILL in PT.  I have spent the last two years with my laptop in my lap and my foot on a pillow so I have had lots of time for research.  I started to call my internet business “Leg in a Cast Home Business”!

I’m telling you a little about me so that you can see that when it comes to internet marketing I am indeed a complete beginner.  In fact, my two kids think the idea of my having a successful eBay/internet business is hilarious!  [Once day this summer my son (college, techie kid) looked over my shoulder to my laptop and said, “Mom, that’s not html your editing, is it?!” with awe and horror in his voice.  I proudly said, “Of course, do YOU know how to do this?  I wasn’t about to tell him that the code had come from Daniel, John’s technical assistant, and I was following a step by step video from John.]

So as you see, all thanks to John Thornhill, since May, I have opened an eBay store, started an eBay and internet marketing blog and written my first book! Auction Payday Kids Play is on sale now and that’s all thanks to John.

I would never have done any of these things, or at least done them so quickly and effortlessly if it hadn’t been for John Thornhill.  I first “met” John when I bought an eBook on eBay and starting my own home business.  I was trying to decide the best product to sell on eBay and happened upon a link to “Your Own eBook Business”.   I decided it looked like a great way for me to start my online business.  You can see my online eBook store at eBook Home Business Library.  This site is a John Thornhill site and through it I was mentored through the process of starting an online business selling information products.

John Thornhill is a PowerSeller on eBay and the author of the 90-Day PowerSeller Challenge.  It is the most widely read eBook on eBay.  In this book he teaches you how to start and grow your eBay business.   He is such a good teacher that when John announced that his much acclaimed coaching program was going to be opened for membership again is was a no-brainer.  I signed up within the first ten minutes for his 16-week coaching program.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

This coaching program has been the best online purchase I have ever made.  John takes you by the hand and walks you step by step through the process of getting started online and creating your own products.  He covers all aspects of starting a multi-faceted online business.  He breaks it down into steps that a beginner can follow and offers video guidance that any non-techie newbie can duplicate.  He answers emails within a day and gives you guidance and support at all times.  His assistant, Daniel Sumner, handles the technical questions and has gotten to know me better than he ever wanted to!  He really has answered every single one of my many, many questions and has kept me on track.  Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

If you have been toying with the idea of starting an online business, but are afraid that you lack the skills or don’t know where to start, I highly recommend the John Thornhill Coaching Program.

If you are not computer savvy and would like to be shown exactly, click by click how to set up and business and build your own products then you should sign up right now for John’s coaching program.  I am telling you, you will never find a better mentor.

To make your online business dreams a reality, take action now by joining John Thornhill’s Coaching Program.  You will be glad you did.

Thanks for reading,

Vickie Sayce

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