Ethical v Hype – And The Winner is….

Ethical marketing…

The My Millionaire Mentor launch competition is over and it seems Dave and myself did quite well :-)


Thank you to *everyone* who’s supported me so far in this!

#1. John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson (DOMINATED! Nearly *200* more sales than #2!)
#2. Michael Rasmussen (the Rasmonster has to settle for 2)
#3. Kieran & Imran (late starters but strong finishers)
#4. Chris Cobb (dark horse)
#5. Cindy (legend) & Soren (legend too)
#6. Chris Freville & Tony Shepherd (the dream team)
#7. Ric Thomson (kicked butt)
#8. Shawn Casey (big dawg)
#9. Tim Atkinson (social stealth wins thru)
#10. Tim Bekker (awesome)

I’ll be in touch with all of you soon
about your Charity Cash Prizes so choose
the charity you want to get your money.

We won by over 200 sales, and this was a JV competition we would have been happy to get a top 5 slot in.

All I can say to this is although I sent quite a few emails to my subscribers about this launch I feel good because everything was done ethically. (BTW, I’m not saying any of the above marketers are unethical)

  • We didn’t use hype.
  • We educated our subscribers.
  • We offered insane bonuses that will help hundreds of people.
  • We were there to answer any questions.
  • We will continue to provide ongoing support.

And above all, the product we promoted was solid and not some push button 3 click automated rubbish people are sick of seeing.

Can you see a pattern here?

After some of the rubbish that was pushed in 2010 people are getting sick of crap offers and hypey marketing. The fact we did so well in this JV competition by being honest and open proves that, and not only did we make a ton of money ourselves but we also get to donate $2500 to charity for winning the JV competition. We will be donating this to a local Cat and Dog shelter. Boy are they in for a shock when they receive $2500 :-)

So if you can take anything away from this blog post it is this:

Market in an honest and ethical way and you will stand more chance of success, you should also be able to sleep better at night knowing you are not taking part in marketing that damages peoples lives.

I have just taken part in a huge promotional campaign and I’ve never felt so good. In fact we received a ton of emails from our subscribers wishing us well and hoping we’d win the JV competition and that meant a lot. I love my job :-)

Oh, and just in case you are not aware, winning this JV competition wasn’t a complete fluke, it’s been done time and time again and if you aren’t aware of Affiliate Promo Formula now is the time to check it out. The Affiliate Promo Formula was used in this recent promo and as you can see it still works very well. I will also be providing a full case study of this launch to all APF Alliance members.


  • Alex Neill

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hey John

    I was watching the leaderboard eagerly and willing both yourself and Dave to win!

    There was so many people rooting to see you both win it was unreal, comments were buzzing on facebook.

    It’s so great to see that you topped the board and stayed on top.

    I really need to grab my own copy of APF so I can start challenging for the top spots on the JV leaderboards.

    Congrats to you and Dave, everyone is SUPER proud of you,


  • Suzanne Morrison

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratuations on winning the competition – you guys certainly deserve it. That was an amazing bonus package you put together.

    I’ve been using a product review and bonus method for a while now, successfully, but hope to take it to a new level with your Affiliate Promo Formula, which I am in the middle of reading (great stuff by the way and I love the mindmaps).


  • Steve Wilkins

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratulations John,

    I knew you and Dave would kill it with your bonus offer! And you are absolutley right about ethical marketing.

    We are sick of seeing the push button products that have flooded our industry in the last year which is why I promoted you Affiliate Promo Formula as it is the kind of ethical product that will at least start to clean up our industry and show people that you can do well as an affilite without promoting hypey rubbish.

    If you offer your readers and subscribers value bonuses and on-going support then you can’t really fail and you will only grow your reputation as one of the good guys!

    Well done again John!
    Steve Wilkins.

  • Tasos

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John,
    Congrats on winning this JV Competition.I was one of the buyers of this great bonus package.Note that,this is the second time that I’m buying from You,because you provide great value and trust.

  • Marc Milburn

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratulations John & Dave… Really good to see some British guys at the top of the leaderboards – especially locals! :)

    You’re bang on the money here. I, like you, am TIRED of these crappy product launches with short-term ‘fixes’ which have probably only worked ONCE (if ever…) and certainly won’t be of much use to their buyers.

    Great stuff here buddy, and Affiliate Promo Formula is already legendary training product. Fantastic.

    Speak soon,

  • Cragar

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congrats John,
    Again…teaming up with a great partner can lead to big results. I have found that to be a great step in promotions.
    Good Job Guys..and as my mentor Zig Zigler says..
    See You At The Top!

  • Stuart Turnbull

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratulations on your success with this launch, John!

    And thanks for setting the standard for ethical promotions.

    My own experience confirms that if you do things the right way you will prosper.


  • Ron Barrett

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congrats John!

    Just goes to show you what a responsive list will do for you, not necessarily in the ‘make money’ niche, but within any niche.

    That should be the ultimate goal for all marketers.

    OH, and the product should be high quality too!

    Again, congrats.


  • Anton

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Well done guys,

    I usually go for your recomendations because not only do I know the product is solid but also because of your awesome bonuses which amazing.


  • Dave Offen

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Brilliant news guys. You deserve that #1 spot.

    The value you offer with your bonuses is astonishing. I’m sure plenty of people actually bought MMM purely for YOUR bonuses – although it’s an awesome course in its own right!

    Really looking forward to the case study you do of this launch in the APF Alliance.

    All the best


    PS, for your next promo, please leave a few sales for the rest of us to make ;o)

  • Craig Stout

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    And a big Amen to that! I got the promo and the value is more than I have ever seen for $37. More than that is the spirit behind it…you and Dave are doing it right and I am very thankful to be working with you both.
    A rising tide raises all boats. Keep it up!
    Sorry about Sunderland yesterday, but the Blues are back in the saddle.


  • Daniel Sumner

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Well done chaps. Lets hope you get the respect from the JV leader board and a lot more promotions coming your way!


  • Haydn

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    I am incredibly impressed with your style of business John – I am on your list and although I tend to get a fair amount of emails from you they are welcome ones.

    Your sincerity shines through and your results have have been a testimony to that – congrats mate!


  • John –
    You and Dave knicked that right out of the park. I am sure the shelter is going to love the donation that you created by your hard work. As a member of both of your lists, I read every email that came in…I was truly interested in how you were doing in the competition. Although I didn’t pick up the offer (and I was quite tempted)I think you did a wonderful job with being open and honest. This is why you guys stand out as leaders. Thanks for being examples of how to do things the right way.


  • Lisa

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John!
    Congrats to you two! After seeing the bonuses and the way you marketed MMM, I can see how y’all won! I am sure the dog and cat shelter will appreciate all of your hard work! (not that it was hard for y’all, just sayin’)

    John I am loving APF Alliance, although I don’t get on the forum much, when I do get on, it’s always worth it! And the actual APF program …well, it ROCKS!! (to say the least)

    And thank you for introducing me to Michael Cheney. I had heard about him before, but with his Millionaire Mentorship and y’alls bonuses, I couldn’t pass it up and I am glad I didn’t. Very cool and way over-delivered! He totally rocks! very cool guy.

    Thanks for being such an awesome guy and thanks for your help! Sometimes you amaze me with your honesty and unselfishness. I hope to be like you when I grow up!

    Take care and congrats again!!


  • Dottson Bando

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratulations John! (and to Dave also!)

    You gentlemen really know how to market ethically.

    Oh, by the way, I felt a tinge of guilt collecting my bonuses because they’re so valuable! Thank you for the lessons about what it means to overdeliver.

    I’m happy you’re my mentor :)

    Warm regards,

  • Jacinta D

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John,

    Woo Hoo Happy Dance Happy Dance!

    I knew you would kill it! And like Lisa I couldn’t resist the bells and whistles either. Although I was giggling on the fact that I already have half the bonuses. I still bought anyway! πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to chatting on skype and learning more plus going through the training.

    So much to do and not enough time! 😯

    Hope all is going great. Congrats again!


    Jacinta πŸ˜€

  • David Taylor

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John,

    Congrats on the win. Hopefully this ethical thing will catch on.
    That’s certainly what all new marketers should insist on.

    I bought the MMM course just for your bonuses. Talk soon!

    All the best,

  • Luca Di Nicola

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hey John and Dave, congrats on a well deserved win. Who said good guys finish last. Can’t wait for your next launch so we can all promote another quality product with pride.

    Congrats again

  • Edson Buchanan

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John and Dave,

    Great job guys. you have really shown the rest of the marketers what it takes to win and I know you guys are honest ethical marketers…



  • Welly Mulia

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Congratulations John & Dave!

    I second your thoughts about using ethical marketing to market products. Hypey marketing has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

    Although newbies (the majority of victims who fall prey to these push-button instant riches crap) are always entering this market every day, we can help them by not promoting these crappy products.

    And yes, we can sleep well at night :)

    Welly Mulia

  • Ed

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hey John,

    Yep it’s got to be said, the affiliate promo formula does seem to work in a capital way!


    As far as working in an ethical way, It’s not the *new* way to market, it’s the only way to market, to many IM’s have took complete advantage over the buying visitors to their sites.

    As you say, people are just simply tired of and wise to it, them are long gone!

    Well done you and Dave on winning the JV leaderboard….Ed.

  • Timo Kiander

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Honest and ethical way = the long term way of doing business.

  • Terry Conti

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John,

    Congratulations, to you and Dave. It’s so wonderful to know you guys are giving $2500. to the animal shelter.

    Thank you for the recommending a good product and those fantastic bonuses. Give and you shall receive.

    Terry Conti

  • Mike Fleming

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hey John,

    That’s Awesome I was cheering for you and Dave all the way that I even did a quick Blog post about it with your links and that anyone that stumbled on my Blog may even purchase through your links and I even purchased Michael’s My Millionaire Mentor myself couldn’t pass it up.

    Thanks for all the Bonuses and Congratulations.


  • Andreas Spyrou

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hi John,

    You DOMINATED at the RRF launch (by Socrates Socratous) and you DOMINATED on this launch as well! Well done on both of you John and Dave. I knew that you would be first on the launch. Because you are delivering different bonuses than most marketers out there that have real value.

    I am trying to follow the same path as you and Dave and being an ethical marketer as well and I believe I can achieve this in record time! :) I can actually see the relationship with my own subscribers grow instead of being reducted.

    Keep up the good work!

    Take care,

  • Joseph P Lampo

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Hello, John, and congrats to you for winning the prize. I am very much impressed by the fact that you are donating such a substantial amount to the Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter. As a cat lover and, with my wife, a breeder of Shih Tzus, my first thought would also be to donate to such a worthy cause. Although I did not make a purchase for this campaign, I have purchased from you in the past and expect to do so again soon. Keep up the good work, stay well, and my best to you and your colleagues! —Joe Lampo, USA

  • Adwello

    Reply Reply February 2, 2011

    Well done guys, you had a ball! So glad I joined Affiliate Promo Formula so I can compete too later in 2011 πŸ˜‰

  • Congratulations John (and Dave)!

    I’m happy to see ethical marketers prospering and even happier that you’ve brought this topic to the fore again.

    It’s fantastic that industry leaders such as yourself and Dave (yes, I consider each of you leaders in the IM arena) continue to market with integrity, and we can only hope that others marketers do the same. Sadly, most will continue to prey on the less informed. That is why I implore newbies, or anyone for that matter, to do your due diligence. Go to the Warrior Forum and look for reviews on the product. Go to to conduct a name and product search. If we, as a collective group and voice, stop buying these trash products, then perhaps we can hit the predatory marketers where it hurts – in the wallet.

    I believe you and Dave are genuine about your desire to pursue ethical marketing, and I know your track records prove this statement. Sadly, it won’t be long before other IMers start to employ this same approach, but as a marketing ploy instead. In fact, it’s probably already being done right now.

    Buyers beware. Do your homework, do your research, ask questions and in the end, don’t be afraid to say NO.


    Fred S.

  • Hi John:

    My first time on your site and that is to congratulate you for getting the top position along with Dave. I am overwhelmed. I like your success and as Ron Barret has put it, it is the power of responsive list.

    Keep up the good work, your focus on your business makes you the winner you are today and I am luck to know you.

    All the best.

    Fran A

  • zahid

    Reply Reply February 3, 2011

    Hey John

    Zahid here, Masterclass student..

    Great stuff and well done to you and Dave.

    Have got APF and was checking out what you guys were doing.. the real deal man.

    No Hype…let the deal do the talking!!!

    All the best


  • Eamon Diamond

    Reply Reply February 3, 2011

    Hi John,

    You pulled it off again πŸ˜‰ Congratulations.

    Regarding Affiliate Promo Formula, it has everything in it that an affiliate marketer would need to succeed online.

    Anyone that’s still in doubt about the product, well that’s maybe expected; seeing what happened last year in the online marketing world.

    I’ve got the product and stand by it 100%… enough said I think :-)


  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply February 3, 2011

    I’m liking the charity choice! Well done and what a great cause to donate to!

    Enjoy the journey.


  • Graham Price

    Reply Reply February 7, 2011

    Hey John – Thought you might just be interested to know that I recently listened to your goodself and Dave on the first video by Dave re. “No Hype Marketing”.

    Within that recording you both say and I quote “If you find anything out there that pays you money overnight then please let us know” – well here goes:

    Your programme “Free Monthly Websites” :-) thought that you might like to hear about that and it’s absolutely true. Even more astounding is that it was via the free option i.e. I didn’t take the upgrades, at the point of sale.

    Yes I promoted as a free member and made money, within 2 hours actually :-) well you did ask !

    Thank You John & Dave

    Graham Price

  • Jeff Moreau

    Reply Reply February 8, 2011

    Hi John, Congratulations to you and Dave on your domination on the JV competition.
    I couldn’t believe all of the bonus and additional items that were added.
    You and Dave have been upfront on how things should be done and I thank you for this.

  • John McNally

    Reply Reply February 19, 2011

    That’s great news John, that you and Dave won the affiliate sales competition. It makes me feel good about Internet Marketing again.

    I was getting a bit disheartened and almost depressed over the hyped up rubbish banded around the internet in 2010. It almost made me want to give up. I didn’t want to be associated with all the lieing sales pages.

    Thank goodness that honest promotions can be successful as well. I bet you have a very low refund rate as well John. People with refund rates over 50% should be metaphorically shot, that amount of refund indicates the product is rubbish and should never have been over-hyped in the first place.

    I’m back on your Masterclass course again this year John, I want an eBook written by the year end. Something I will promote ethically with my head held high.

    Ethically blogging in Leamington Spa, England

  • Mike

    Reply Reply February 20, 2011

    Congratulations on winning the contest, John!

    Once again you have shown the way to true and lasting success and profits

    All the best


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