Interesting Thing About “Internet Marketers” That Want to Make Big Money….

This message was written by Omar Martin and I feel this is something everyone needs to know. 

This discovery is actually kind of sad but it shines the light on why the majority of people fail to ever make big money online. Generally speaking, people either just fail to see what it takes or just aren’t willing to do it. I think most people just want things handed to them or they keep waiting for their “ship to come in”. They don’t swim out to meet it.

I conducted a social experiment to find out who was serious about making money with their online business.

I asked… “How much money do you think John and I can make you in one week if we promoted your product.” You can view the post here.

Suddenly – people jumped in from everywhere raising there hands “Me Me Me – promote for me me me – you’ll generate THOUSANDS” – some even said tens of thousands and a few said 6 figures. That’s how confident they are.

Well guess what – John and I are in fact able to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a week promoting your product or much MORE. We can even help you set it up properly to ensure it converts well. AND WE ARE PREPARED TO DO IT. We don’t play games, making money online is what we do and we’re very good at it.

Not to boast but rather to make a point about our affiliate marketing strategies… this year alone we’ve made over a quarter of a million dollars FOR OTHER PEOPLE by promoting their products. These aren’t vague estimates or inflated “marketer math” numbers. You may remember some of the top leader boards that we dominated this year…

  • Easy Video Suite – $108k in sales
  • Video Genesis – $24k in sales
  • Optimize Press 2.0 – $44k in sales

(There are many more but those were a few of the big ones you might recognize)

Here’s where the experiment got good…

We are currently offering a bonus with an ESTIMATED value of $50k. The bonus INCLUDES a full promotion from John and myself in addition to coaching and a variety of other goods from us including a live workshop in Orlando Florida.

It costs only $297 to buy iMotion Video and get our bonus.

In essence, these “marketers” that spoke out on the thread can get John and Myself to promote their product for a full week – in exchange for a $297 purchase.

Now one would think that a real business person would see this as a HUGE opportunity and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to snatch it up while they can. Particularly those business people that confidently posted on the thread how we would generate 5 or even 6 figures for them by promoting their product.

I mean… a promo of even just 4 figures in exchange for a $297 investment is kind of a no brainer right? The answer is YES. It is a no brainer for a true business person. For a real marketer that understands the power of having 2 super affiliates promote for you and all the doors that this one promotion can open.

Marketers love to envision success but they’re afraid to create it.

The sad part is that the moment this whole experiment crosses the realm of “just another post on Facebook” to becoming reality and requiring the marketer to take action… they start doubting themselves. They start hesitating, they become their own worst enemy. They move on and continue searching for their “big lucky break” instead of realizing that its right in front of their face.

Some people just get in their own way while others couldn’t recognize opportunity if it smacked them right between the eyeballs.

My conclusion from this little experiment is that MOST people talk a lot of hype when it comes to their online business. They have big goals and aspirations but when the rubber meets the road they simply lack the conviction to ever achieve greatness. Very few will do what it takes and FIND a way to seize the opportunities in front of them. The few that do, change the world. They personify greatness.

Which one are you? Please comment below.

You may also want to watch this video from John to get his thoughts.



  • Steve Cee

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    I believe that your conclusions are a little flawed- At $297.00 you have probably put this offer out of reach of the people that actually do need the help !

    Steve Cee

    • Omar Martin

      Reply Reply November 8, 2013

      Steve – my conclusion is not flawed. It is accurate because I draw it from experience not theory. If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it. If you don’t get it then you didn’t want it bad enough. Find a way to get the money if you want the bonus. I don’t run a charity I run a business. If you want to run a business like we do then you must understand that it’s not free, there are expenses incurred while building a business. Until you realize that… All you have is a hobby.

      • Steve Cee

        Reply Reply November 9, 2013

        I was not asking for help with your program, just commenting on your conclusions – You have evidently forgotten what it is like to really be poor or maybe the $297.00 means more to you then you
        let on ? Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative or disrespectful but
        your reply irked me a little.

        • John Thornhill

          Reply Reply November 9, 2013

          Steve, maybe Omar will tell you how he found the money to join my first coaching program back in 2008.

        • Omar Martin

          Reply Reply November 9, 2013

          Steve – No disrespect taken and none intended sir – however if my last comment irked you then this one will surely make you mad.

          Please know that my intention is not to insult or offend anyone nor is it my intention to pat you on the head and say “dont worry everything will be okay” because we are adults and this is business for me not a game.

          Please don’t use the “I’m poor” excuse around me cause thats all it is an EXCUSE. Do I sound cold and heartless to you? Perhaps that is your perception of me based on this post but in reality I am one of the few people at my level in this industry that will call it the way it is. I am the biggest consumer advocate in Internet Marketing arena that you will ever meet.

          I’ve been poor and I’ve been homeless, I know what poor is and I say that if you’ve got internet access at home YOU DO NOT KNOW POOR.

          I had to miss out on paying my rent in order to buy Johns first coaching program so I have zero pitty for the whole “I can’t afford it” excuse.

          I dismiss the whole “I cant afford it mentality” because thats all it is A MENTALITY. A mentality that can be replaced.

          First of all if you are not in the position to come up with $297 then you may want to rethink if this is the right time in your life to BUILD A BUSINESS. ALL businesses require some working capital. I used my rent money to buy Johns coaching and then I borrowed money to pay for my hosting and my graphics to make my first product.

          I found a way.

          Borrow it.
          Sell your furniture.
          Get a payday advance.
          Pawn something.

          MAKE IT HAPPEN. Find a way.
          That’s what winners do. Thats what success stories are made of.

          Where there is a will there is a way. Money is not a factor against the power of a true entrepreneurs conviction.

          • Guy DeMartino

            November 10, 2013

            Hi Omar;

            After reading John’s and your post, I fouind I had to comment.
            I do not know Jon personally, but if he says he can generate a profit for you then he will. I agree that a business is not a charity. If You have the resources then if you want to be successful you will take action.
            But your statement that everyone can come up with the resources is about 30% erroneous.
            I was born and raised on Long Island and moved to Romania due to health problems and the economy was going to make me homeless.
            I live in a country that does not allow non citizens to borrow or to not pay the rent.
            I have a small social security income to work with.
            I have learned from John and have realigned my thinking to fit my financial situation and his teachings to be able to afford the launches that could move me into a comfortable lifestyle and allow me to be able to at least visit my son’s family in England.
            If you want to say I am a wannabe and just have a hobby, then that is your opinion.
            But, I will tell you this. I do not look for handouts nor want one.
            I will work and invest the little I can. I will compensate with more work for the lack of finances.
            I will follow only those I know are trustworthy in dealings for the info I need to succeed.
            I will not be told I am not serious or have a hobby.

            Even if I could pay the price to join, I would be unable to participate in most of the bonus benefits.

            I will pass and lose out but I will not stop in my plan and goals I have set.

            You and John did a great job in this launch and I know those that take action will climb the ladder of success.

            Thank you for some lessons learned from this and your last launch

  • Peter Vince

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    With John and Omar on your side you can not go wrong.

    I took up the bonus offer for the WP Affiliate Builder product, so look forward to John promoting my product in the near future.

    If you missed out on that offer I would go for this bonus.

    Kind regards


  • Carl Picot

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    Yea I must admit John that I am really bad at making products and being to scared or put off to finish them.

    Think I just need that nudge to get focused on one thing and stick to it!

    Great post and vid BTW



  • Thanks for a great post Omar. I’ve had some similar experiences lately. I currently have a few of my websites for sale in niches that I don’t really have enough interest in to market, so they’ve just been sitting and aren’t getting much traffic and I decided to sell them instead. They’re all excellent, professionally done sites and I have them priced extremely low, like under $100 low for a couple of them, and yet even at that I’ve been getting people emailing me wanting to know how much money they were making per month!

    Apparently some folks think they should be able to get not only a turnkey website business on an aged domain for less than $100.. but it should also be making money. They don’t want to have to pay for a quality product, and they don’t want to have to do anything to market or promote it either.

    We once had a work ethic and a pride in a job well done in this country that doesn’t seem to exist any more. Romney was right and unfortunately it cost him the election; the U.S is full of people wanting handouts rather than working hard and taking pride in themselves.

    It certainly isn’t the same America that it was 40 years ago. It reminds me of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.. and I fear that we may be headed in the same direction if things don’t change soon.

  • David A Clark

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    Hi There
    I think the main problem is time.
    I spend a week or two working on something then I have to stop and do some proper work to earn a living for a couple of weeks.

    I purchased Affiliate Builder from John and also from someone else to get two products promoted.

    I struggled to get the money as I was a week from Payday but found a way to do it.

  • Kevin Long

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    Great post Guys, I got your WPA and have got my product ready for launch.It was John’s coaching that allowed me to give up my day job and become a full time IM’er.
    I believe $297 is within the reach of most people if they really want it,unfortunately like you say Omar, they want it gifted to them.

    Keep up the great work


  • Cararta

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    Hi John,

    I can completely understand where you are coming from.

    Yes, I do believe if I had a quality offer that you could promote, accepting $297. offer would be as good a guarantee as you could get that the offer would make money.

    Unfortunately, right now I have two marks against me. 1. No product. 2. A severely restricted budget.

    However, I’m still working on my coaching class. When and if I complete a product, I will submit it to you for your advice (think part of the coaching) and if nothing else get it listed on your blog.

    Hope you had a spotter riding with you. Can’t believe driving and recording can be much safer than driving and texting….would be an awful way to lose you.

  • Ann Davies

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    John and Omar offer unique hands on bonuses that can springboard you to success. I was recently featured on Omar’s website as a product bonus which resulted in dozens of quality leads for my business.
    Thanks John and Omar for offers which actually make a difference!

  • Will

    Reply Reply November 8, 2013

    Hi Omar & John yes what you say is true you get people who are going to do this and the are going to do that and they never get started, (but that does not make them bad people)Sometimes its just fear of failing but in a way its good that people do not get started because who would you sell your product to if everybody was as motivated as you two.



  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Well John and Omar

    Thanks for calling me out!

    When you listen to how much people spend on ensuring they fail, by buying every ‘next big things…’, you appreciate that $297 for all they need is truly a no brainer, although for me I already have part of this from one of your previous bonuses.

    Calling me out?

    Well you asked me to venture outside my comfort zone and my response was that of a person destined for lifelong failure. As I said, thanks John and Omar, tonight I will put down my comfort blanket and go to the places where you know and where you said I need to go and of course most likely in the process I will scare myself silly!

    My children will thank you in due course.

    igor Griffiths

  • Paul Henderson

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    I have to totally agree with what John and Omar have said, in that if you are motivated, you WILL find the money somehow. And let’s face it, $297 is not mega bucks, and the bonus is freakin’ HUGE.

    Business is business and if you’re looking for charity then look elsewhere and quit bleating’. In fact, if your product is as good as it needs to be to be successful anyway, then to springboard it to that success IS a charitable event at just $297.

    Seriously, there are some costs involved in doing this business, and promoting your product in this way is one of them. Don’t view the $297 as the cost of the video product, or whatever it is this time. Buy the product JUST for the bonus. You can just file the product away on your ‘puter somewhere safe, just in case you ever need it.

    But remember that you bought it ONLY as a way of buying the promotion event for your product. THAT was what you paid your $297 for!

    The only downside I can think of is that maybe it came too soon after peeps had bought 2 or more copies of WPAB, and obviously their bonuses for that are still weeks, even months away in reality. So they may well be busily beavering away getting their products ready for that event. Just a thought.

    Just another point if I can John …. cool as you are in your beaut little convertible, I’m not convinced it’s a great idea to create videos while driving. We don’t want your creative genius being cut short, now do we?

    I know what I’ve said will touch a few raw nerves. I hope it doesn’t get canned for saying those things – they are all true after all.

    All the best gang

    Paul Henderson

  • Michael

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    this is a divisive topic, while the sentiments expressed concerning people who ‘Talk The Talk’ and love to hang out on forums dreaming of big success, and wining and griping about how hard it all is-and yet will not recognize an opportunity and take practical steps towards their dream-is very well said. It is true. However not everyone actually can afford 297 in one hit-believe it or not, they might need that for rent, or bills-not everyone makes a lot of money, this is the sad reality-most would never admit it, they think it makes them look bad, but I think this is the main reason, the product is just too expensive!

  • Tom

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Doesn’t the product also carry a $80 per month recurring charge, not just the initial $297? How many months do you have to remain subscribed to qualify for your bonus?

    • John Thornhill

      Reply Reply November 9, 2013

      There is no criteria regarding the monthly membership but we would expect you to at least try it out.

  • Andrew Stark

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Hi John,

    I’m someone who is guilty of buying great products through your affiliate links and never getting back to you to claim the bonuses.

    So rather than spend $297 on more video stuff I’m going to spend that on product development so that I am able to come to you in 2014 and say I have a product that’s good enough for you to promote.

    That last sentence might be the very thing that’s holding people back from actually taking you up on the offer. You talk about being able to make $10k sales, but on a $10 product that’s 1,000 sales which is more than my brain can cope with at the moment. I just don’t think I’d be ready to cope with that many customers at once.

    If you were to go back to the insecurities that you felt during the first butterfly sites you created. The world didn’t have facebook to get instant opinions and you had the credit boom where you could sell a $97 one time offer full of crap content to newbies with ease. The marketplace is so much bigger and people expect great value that you can’t overcharge and under deliver any more if you want to have a future.

    I guess what I’m saying is that my heart is telling me that your offer is brilliant, but my head is telling me that it won’t put presents under the tree this christmas.


    • Cararta

      Reply Reply November 29, 2013

      Hi Andrew,

      Know exactly where you are coming from!

      I have a computer full of John and Dave and Omar bonuses, but I’m still slowly working through my coaching.

      One of my stop gates has been with a limited budget I am going to explore that hard drive and look up some of the bonuses I have. That should expedite my current project.

      Plus I just found a software that I can use with my old WindowsXP computer….called Skitch and is free…similar to Gimp but based on Microsoft’s Paint so may be my solution!

      Just can’t resist this: Thank you John for your past generosity and integrity. It is appreciated.


  • Donald

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Hi John,

    A great post by Omar. True, I’m sure some people are in cuckoo land waiting for handouts. I have managed one product which is out there as a freebie from my blog. I sent it to a marketer who said was good enough for a freebie. Another marketer suggested I give up creating a product altogether, gut wrenching. However, a well known Melinda Martin gave me a rave review, chuffed. Everyone has a different opinion.

    I would be chuffed to bits to create a product for you to promote. Maybe I’ll try for 2014. I remember our Skype talk in January of this year. I didn’t follow up your advice which I regret.I must move on and like teacher used to say “Must Try Harder”, a lot harder by all accounts.

    Brave driving around with top down sir, Freeze The Ba..s Of A Brass Monkey.



  • Wolfgang Sandt

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Okay John, I would be ready to get in. There´s one question though. I am an artist and my product (already existing) has nothing to do with internet marketing but is a physical artbook. Please have a look at and…/215774418579290… If you could successfully promote it this would be a NO BRAINER indeed. I wonder however if an artbook is the right fit for your audience. Probably it is something to exotic in comparison to other things you are promoting. I think it might be to big a challenge and I say this matter of factly with complete sincerity and without trying mockin you. I want to convert my book in an ebook as well and tried to have it done paying someone at Fiverr (Not that I wouldn´t be prepared to spend a little more than five dollars, but I didn´t know where else to look for as my graphic designer has no experience with transforming books into ebboks ). The first attempt however was not successful. It seems that the graphics were to complicated to convert them properly. Anyway I am really asking myself whether this would be an appropriate thing for you to promote. Please let me know, whether you see a realistic possibility or not. With kind regards Wolfgang

    • John Thornhill

      Reply Reply November 9, 2013

      Hi Wolfgang,

      I don’t think this would be a good fit but we could always work on something that will be.


      • Wolfgang Sandt

        Reply Reply November 10, 2013

        Hi John,

        thank you for your honest answer.
        Maybe you can give me an idea what you mean by working on something that would / could be a good fit.
        With kind regards

        • John Thornhill

          Reply Reply November 10, 2013

          Hi Wolfgang,

          We would work with you to come up with something that we could promote that would be a good fit.


          • Wolfgang Sandt

            November 10, 2013

            Hi John,

            you see, I am not an unreasonable person and therefore I don´t expect from you to reveal here eventual ideas for a product we/I could create.
            Actually I think it would be a bit of a challenge to expect from you to come up with something immediately.

            Yet, knowing that it was quite a lot of work to create my book (took waaay longer than I had planned:-), I would like to have an idea how much time and work would be involved (putting time into something is an issue for me)and how long it would probably take to see a return of investment.

            I also would need to know (You don´t need to go into detail) whether you see this within the field of my existing expertise in art and/or teaching tango or if I needed to start at zero.

            I agree completely that the requested price is a no-brainer if I had a fitting product, but if I needed to start a completely new thing it would probably request more time and energy than I can put in.
            I don´t expect you to disclose your eventual answers publicly on this blog, but you certainly can reach me by my provided email adress.

            Looking forward to hearing from you.
            With kind regards
            Wolfgang Sandt

          • John Thornhill

            November 10, 2013

            These are questions I can’t answer Wolfgang as I don’t know how dedicated you are and how much time you have. It could take you a week or more than a year.

            It would also depend if you wanted to create a product outside of you current expertise, as long as you do then I can teach you all you need to know with the bonuses I provide.

      • Wolfgang Sandt

        Reply Reply November 10, 2013

        Hi John,

        I imagine that you are pretty busy with the launch right now. Nevertheless here an additional question to find out whether it makes sense to join now.
        Do you see a realistic way to create a product to promote my artwork (not just the book but my artwork in general), my sculpting and/or Tango classes in Italy or the holiday house I run with my wife in Italy
        Or are all of these things no real fit for promoting by internet marketing the way you do it?

        Looking forward to your answer
        With kind regards

  • Richard

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    It amazes me that IM or online business is treated so differently than any other business. Any type of business requires bloody hard work, long hours, determination, patience and some capital. One of the huge benefits of IM is the small amount of capital required to get started and while there are no guarantees of success if you stick with it, learn and adapt, it should work. But even then there are no certainties but if you never try you never know.
    As for being broke, if your super confident that it will make a difference sell your golf clubs, stereo or have a garage sale, they are only items and can be bought later. If thats your last 300 bucks you will be so hungry to make it work that success is the only option.

  • ravi

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Beats me as to why anyone good enough to have his own product will need the help of John and Omar to promote it.There are better marketers on the net than Omar who will do it for a smaller fees and for a longer period. Decency prevents me from naming them. The very irksome language of Omar’s reply to Steve Cee indicates that Steve has hit the nail right on the head and the venture is not trustworthy.
    See the difference between the replies of John and Qmar.
    I would not touch this product with a 10 foot pole.

    • John Thornhill

      Reply Reply November 9, 2013

      Most Internet Marketers wouldn’t allow a comment such as this but I like to get both sides of the argument.

      “Beats me as to why anyone good enough to have his own product will need the help of John and Omar to promote it.”

      That statement doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone turn down more traffic and sales?

      “There are better marketers on the net than Omar who will do it for a smaller fees and for a longer period. Decency prevents me from naming them”

      So you know someone who will mail over quarter of a million subscribers for under $297? Please let me know who it is publicly or privately as I have a string of launches planned and can take advantage of such an awesome bonus.

      “I would not touch this product with a 10 foot pole.”

      No one is forcing you too but the people who have see the value in what we are offering and are ready to take their business to the next level.

  • Caroline

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Hi John,
    First, let me say that the bonuses you and Omar are giving away are most definitely mind-blowing and I would be prepared to pay you double, treble even quadruple what you are asking in investment from us mere mortals – in fact I would kneel at your feet in total reverence and awe.

    You have asked why more people aren’t taking up your offer and my personal answer to this is that, in spite of trying to sell via the internet since 2009 I’m not making very much at all (probably about £20 a month, if that). I therefore have no cash to spare even although I would give my eye-teeth to be part of your program. If I could borrow the money I most definitely would but my credit rating is in the toilet and my friends and family are in the same boat as me and therefore unable to help me with this.

    If I might bore you for a minute or two, I would like to give you a little background on my efforts over the past 4 years.

    I’m pretty savvy with website building – and know a little bit about SEO – I currently have around 12 websites scattered around the webiverse but only ONE of these sites makes any money at all and that one is so specialised it only brings in around £20 every couple of months. Obviously not enough to live on.

    Back in 2009 I wrote a complete set of 10 bookkeeping training manuals and Sage software training manuals for a certain distance learning college, in Birmingham (England). Unfortunately I was not very savvy regarding copyright and this unscrupulous college took all 10 training manuals from me but duped me into selling full copyright to them, for peanuts. This college now make around quarter to half a million per year from my courses and have taken out an injunction to stop any other colleges from selling ANYTHING I write in the future.

    The end result was that I was made homeless and am still in this situation today. After much screaming and wailing and gnashing of teeth I threw myself into the internet marketing domain and snapped up every push-button idea I came across, eventually leaving me totally penniless but none of my marketing sites has made a single penny of income for me although I spend every waking moment at my laptop, 365 days a year (for the past 4 to 5 years) without a break.

    I do apologise if I’ve got you yawning now, I do tend to go on a bit so I won’t bore you any further; but I just wanted to let you know that, while I worship at your esteemed feet, my only draw-back to taking up your fabulous offer is the lack of money to make the initial investment. I’m 100% sure that, with yours and Omar’s help I could be finally seeing some results for all my hard work over the past 4 or 5 years but I just cannot get even the small amount you are asking for together in order to secure a place on your amazing program.

    I am hugely jealous of all those who can make this once-in-a-lifetime journey with you and, if you are ever in Scotland, look out for the wailing woman, beating her breast and bashing her head against every brick wall in Greenock (near Glasgow). I’ll be the one wearing the sign “Doesn’t life suck?”

    In all seriousness though, I am well aware of the opportunity you are so freely giving to all those lucky enough to grab it and, if I could, I’d be grabbing it with both hands and not letting go for a second.

    Here’s to your success with your new partnerships and may the sun always shine on you and the road rise to meet you!

    I’m off to don the sack-cloth and ashes. :-)

  • John Leary III

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Aloha Omar & John & Readers,

    I saw this thread last night but was on my phone. I did not join in then (I don’t text all that much) but I feel I should now.

    A close estimate of what I’ve spent on my online IM education would be about $40,000.00…enough to get a bachelor’s degree at a local university at $10K per year.

    Yes, I have been an apprentice, an underclassman, a newbie for four years…and I am graduating shortly. How do I know this?

    Because I have learned the value of embracing what I do to the point of making money while helping other folks.

    John & Omar know this to be true….so do alot of other marketers.
    It just so happens that they are at the doctorate level…PhDs if you will.

    Marketing well, on or off the internet, is a skill, a trade, a profession. It cannot be learned that easily…but it can be learned with work….and the right help.

    I know who is helping me…who’s helping YOU?

    Ahui Hou,

    John Leary III

  • Ron Killian

    Reply Reply November 10, 2013

    This really shouldn’t be a surprise to any one. I don’t mean to be negative, but people talk all day long, but end up taking little action.

    I use to help friends who bugged me about showing them how to make money online. That was until I got tired of spending tons of my time helping them and in the end, they did little to nothing. I don’t help friends any more. I’ll point them to resources, but that’s about it. Not going to waste my time any more.

    We all know every one want’s the money, but few will actually do what it takes to make it happen. As others have said, they want it done for them.

    I think it’s an awesome offer John and Omar are offering. And yes it IS a no-brainer. I’ll sure be looking at it myself :)

  • Gary

    Reply Reply November 10, 2013

    Jon/Omar, I am no expert by any means and I have Aspirations of being a huge success in helping others to get there product to go viral… I will admit I have struggled because of real distractions in my personal life.. As a newbie many of my personal frustrations has been the lack of knowledge with the simple things like setting up wordpress, or linking squeeze pages etc…not to mention it’s hard to see progress in the Infancy stages which gets you second guessing what it is that you are doing… All of which will be overcome with Perseverance on my part… If you look at all of the wealth in the US you will see that 95% of the US population controls 98.5% of the financial securities while 90% of the US population own 73.4% of total debt. Therefore your findings are pretty consistent and really is sad because we all can do it especially within the internet marketing realm. I believe that internet marketing provides a platform for anyone to succeed who wishes to succeed.

  • Laura Raisanen

    Reply Reply November 11, 2013

    Hi John & Omar,

    I think what you are offering is indeed a no brainer and I’m sure a lot of people will be going for it. I will pass this time as I’m already in John’s Partnership To Success programme and in the middle of creating my first product.

    I think most people can indeed come up with the $297 if they really want and choose not to as they are still looking for that magic button that will make them rich without any effort or investment from their part. But I do think that there are people who genuinely can’t scrape that amount together even if they really want to, like Caroline says on this thread. But maybe there’s a way that money could be raised – online freelance work might be a good idea for many.

    Anyway, amazing offer guys, good luck with it all! :)


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