Is This Why You’re Failing Online?

I receive emails similar to this usually on a daily basis:

John, can you help? I really need to start making some money online. I’ve tried everything and I am at a loss. I have spent thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it. Please help. I am willing to work hard and I will follow your instructions etc, etc, etc.



So I may reply with something along the lines of:

Hi Bob,

Can you let me see your existing products and websites so I can possibly give you a few pointers?



I wonder if you can see where this is going?

Hi John,

I actually don’t have a website or product of my own…



Need I say any more? How can Bob expect to make any money online if he doesn’t even have a website or product of his own? Now I know some of you will say you can make money as an affiliate or just use eBay but show me one successful marketer who does not have a product, service or website of their own? Sure, there may be the odd one but I assure you there wont be many.

And while you may find success with one product or service the key is to keep building and growing. Like I have said many times the key to success is multiple products building multiple lists.

I actually bought another domain myself in preparation for my next product which will be titled Resale Rights Roadmap. This takes me to well over 100 domains. Here’s a screenshot to prove it:


And in fact things are growing so fast now I need a dedicated server as you can see above. But will I stop here? No way! I can see myself in a few years owning thousands of domains and products. Or at least that’s my long term goal. Thousands of websites all bringing in a little here and there and all building my subscriber database.

It’s not rocket science, the more products you create and the more websites you own means you make more money. I’m sorry if you have heard me say this before but that’s the truth.

So if you still haven’t even created your first product or website why not?

* Is it lack of confidence?
* Is it lack of knowledge?
* Is it lack of time?
* Is it lack of skills.

Let me tell you these are just excuses. Let’s address these situations:-

Lack of confidence.
If you lack confidence you just need to do it, once you get your first product created you will wonder what the fuss was about. Let me tell you I was nervous when I launched my first product and I know most marketers were exactly the same. But you need to overcome this hurdle one day and today would be a good day to start. As you begin to create your product your confidence will grow so there really is nothing stopping you.

Lack of knowledge.

This is a biggie, for example let me tell you now I know nothing about growing a beautiful garden and if you seen my garden you would know this is true:-) But I have the biggest research tool at my fingertips. It’s called the internet. After a few hours research I could know everything there is to know about growing a beautiful garden. I am now an expert. So unless you don’t have internet access (and you do or you wouldn’t be reading this) there’s no excuse for lack of knowledge.

Lack of time.
I have no time! Wow, if I had a dollar for every time I read this. Do you watch TV? I’m guessing the answer is yes. Well take an hour a day out of your TV schedule and you have 7 hours per week to dedicate to creating your first info product.

How long are you spending on the internet per day wasting your hours away on the forums, YouTube,  MySpace, FaceBook, etc. A few hours a week spent working on a new product instead of wasting your time on useless websites means you can begin to make money online. And I know for a fact you do have spare time or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So please don’t let time become an excuse as we all have a little spare time.

Lack the skills required.
Another biggie. I lacked the skills required to create a lot of my own products. Do you know what I did? I learned what I needed to learn. Here’s an example.

Six months ago I didn’t have my own blog and knew nothing about blogging. In fact I had to get help with the installation of this blog. But now I am teaching others how to build a blog through my coaching program. All because I learned everything I needed to learn about blogging. So if you lack the skills required simply learn. And if you don’t want to do that simply go to Elance and pay someone to do what needs to be done.

I actually know one successful marketer who earned over 100k last year and he can’t even upload a website to his webspace, but does this stop him? No, he just finds someone who can do it for him.

For me personally I would rather learn but this shows you that lack of skills is just another excuse.

So my advice to you is stop making excuses, get to work, get creating your own products and start making yourself some money … It really is as simple as that.

Feel free to share your comments below.


  • Cheryl

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    You’re too right! I must have 10 ebooks or reports ready to sell. I have 8 websites but not all fully functioning. My hang up? I am scared of aweber. I have this idea that it is way over my head. I am going to make myself LEARN it this week. I’ll get on a forum if I get stuck. But I will do this thing!

    Hey, everyone! What’s your excuse? Whatever it is “Get over it and get on with it or get out of it”. No more excuses! There is just too much help out there with guys like John around!

  • John Gontowicz

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I think part of the problem I have is staying focused. I have been out of work since August. I have the time, I have a couple of my own products.

    I keep reading try this, try that, my stuff works,etc. Now, I am just confused and I just need to take one step at a time.

    I have the computer knowledge, time, product. I write articles, and I have 3200 subscribers to a newletter. All of this with little to show with income.

    Any thoughts?

  • Charles

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008


    I think that my greatest problems are getting overwhelmed with information and “bs”.

    Also, there is my fear of the unknown. I need to learn to be adventurous and take chances.

  • Zahid

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John

    Thers’s some great things you are talking about, from my personal was a ltttle bit of all the things..lack of confidence, lack of time.

    A good one John Gontowicz mentions is staying focused and I confess I do have a problem staying focused.

    Since I joined your mentoring programme that has given me a point of focus and more confidence in my own talents…its still one small step at a time though.

    Best thing happened to me was discovering Johns stuff.



  • Rita

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John I agree with everything you have said, also I can identify with what others have said in their comments. For me personally I have come to the conclusion that staying focused is the main problem. A comment above about aweber is not uncommon setting everything up can be very time consuming and it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially with all the technical things. That is why guys like you make it easy by creating information products that explain the process in simple terms. This cuts the time in half.
    Keep up the good work and all you guys the fact your posting on Johns blog shows your in the right place just stick in there I intend too.

  • Carol Smith

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Boy did you hit several nails on the head. Since I just started in October, I am definitely still a newbie.

    I have spent a lot of time on the forums absorbing knowledge. Since so much of it was over my head, I started my own information filing system. Stuck it in folders for digestion as I needed it. Even a folder that says “Advanced” for the things I was pretty sure I would eventually need.

    I then took it a step at a time, borrowing methods from here and adapting it there. I learned in detail everything that I needed right then.

    You make some bad choices but you just learn from then and start over.

    GREAT advice, John

  • Mike

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hey John;

    I enjoy your info and am working at following your steps.

    I got my first ebook product completed, then approved at CB just before Christmas. I got my first web site up and am working on a Blog to build traffic.
    I have no list and this is my first effort – after watching on the sidelines for a couple of years.

    To Cheryl – who is scared of A.Weber – I went through a little of that, however I began to understand how many marketers use A. Weber.

    Go to their web site and use the Free Tutorials and Videos. They help overcome the fears and after enrolling I am impressed at how quickly the support is for my ‘newbie’ questions. So far what few problems and questions I did have after watching and reading the support staff have handled easily and understandably for me.

    To those who have trouble staying Focused and Overwhelmed. I have experience also. I was swimming – rather drowning in all of the info and temptations with hyped offers.

    Finally I went through the best of them, and narrowed all of them down to 3 marketers. John Thornhill being one. I won’t mention the other two, however I can tell that all three are foundational marketers. I have committed to follow their instructions and shut out most of the others.

    There are a lot of good, honest, believable marketers and are making good money and I excluded the million dollars each day group. However some I just do not seem to fit with.

    Being on a fixed income and a newbie at marketing, does limit what I can do as far as buying expensive products, hiring out web masters, ebook covers, and a lot of other things.

    My old computer is not even capable of handling Paint Shop, so graphics are limited to Free Cut and Paste.

    I bought a couple of books, “Creating Web Pages for Dummies”, and “HTML and CSS”, and worked most of the way through them and discovered they get deeper than I can dive. But in them I found out about “NVU” a free download html editor and between the NVU and the books got my web page at least presentable.

    Last Monday I got my first sale and now have two on my email list, and thus far without marketing, ads or pay for clicks.

    I am headed off to do some classified ads on ebay and learn video making to put on my web page and Blog to begin marketing.

    Thats my response.

    Keep up the Great work John.
    We need you.

    Mike Selch

  • Barbara

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John…you are absolutely right about no excuses…and it sure has been a learning curve…but I think having a mentor is the “X” factor.

    Keeps me motivated and accountable, two very key ingredients for me.
    And it doesn’t hurt to learn from the experts!

    Thanks for all you do…

  • Graeme

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Just getting the wheels turning now John, after too long!

    How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time ;o)

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hello John
    Yes I am one of the ones that do not have a website.Not counting the only one I tried using the above 1&1 domain for a possibly niche market in the radio control copters and planes.These seem to only sell before Christmas as toys and yes I probaly don’t really know how to market them to adults but this is mainl;y because the really expensive gas models are ususlly only offered to actual store owners where people walk in and purchase them.Anyway lack of knowledge is probably a small part of my problem but the bigger problem is lack of investment money and no niche product to market is my biggest problem.I am jealous of all of the people that actually have a great idea and that they know they will be selling a product once they get all set up.I believe I can do the setting up of a site etc its just that my problem is just like thousands of other people in my opinion and that is “no product to sell”that isn’t already being “oversaturated”on the net.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I am a member of John’s new mentorship program and I can tell you that what he has said in his blog is bang on!

    If you need time you can make. Sacrifice something else, like an hour per evening of couch potatoe time. That equates to 7 hours per week. This will give you nearly the same amount of time you put into a normal day’s work to get stuck into your new venture.

    If you lack the skills required, go and get the information you need and apply that knowledge as instructed. I know there is a sea of information on the internet, enough to drown in, but once you find the right source drain that well dry :-)

    To save you some time I cannot recommend John’s new mentorship programme enough. I have not made a penny yet but within five weeks of starting I have a website and have started my first ebook. Now that’s progress!

    Remember every business requires investment, not only in the form of money, but also in blood sweat and tears.

    Great advice John,


  • Peggy Baron

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008


    I had 12 new emails waiting for me this morning. Which one did I rush to open first? John’s. Why? Because he freely imparts his wisdom and I always learn something.

    Thanks for another good post John. One thing you mentioned made me squirm just a little. :-)

    Cheryl, if you get stuck with AWeber, shoot me an email.


  • Tom Elder

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Great information John. I have been reading the information you have been sending me and applying it to my service business. It is a lot easier when you have a uniques product or service to offer. I am also working on several e-books within my industry that I will be using a lot of these techniques to promote and sell. Thanks again.

  • Karen

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008


    You are dead on with the excuses. It is all about the mindset. Change your thinking and make it happen.

  • Tom Tumbale

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John, I have been reading all of your emails and blogs, and finally decided to write because of this blog. All of the excuses are true but I think I have overcome it. This comment I am writing is an example of overcoming to take to take the next step. I wanted to have a mentor and found a few but I have decided to go with you John. Thank you for all your advices and comments from bloggers. I have decided to work harder with your mentorship. My problem is I lose focus on what I am doing while trying to get my web site up, changing my website all the time. I want to get my priority straight,so can you help me! Take a look at my web site Look forward to hear from you soon.

    Tom Tumbale

  • Sue F

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Like Dave above, I am also a member of John’s Personal coaching program, and I find it is everything I need. I have been floundering around in a sea of “information overload” for the last three years, my head in such a muddle I couold not work out which way the shore was.
    Lack of focus has been my biggest problem, followed by failure to take action (the best teaching resource in the world won’t help if you don’t follow the directions). Unsubscribing from most of the lists and newsletters I was on got rid of a lot of my distractions that were adding to my confusion and sucking my pockets dry. Finding a mentor (John) and focusing tightly on his coaching class has finally got me going.
    John, I find your course so clear, so easy to follow, I am buzzing with excitement over the progress we are making.
    If the way to eat an elephant is one step at a time, you have shown me where to take the first bite. Now the whole thing seems do-able.

    I bet when you were at school you never thought anyone would be telling you this: You are a great teacher!

    I’m hungry for the next lesson (where the heck is that elephant….?)


  • Charlesthe Vending Guy

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Great post John! I often ask myself why I haven’t completed certain project and my lame reply is, “I just got caught up with “.

    I currently have 4 eBooks I have been selling for years. I know they sell well, I know people like them and I know I could make even more money offering hard-copies or audio versions. Why don’t I do it? I just get caught up in other “stuff”.

    I have found that we often get confused with keeping busy, and accomplishing something. I like to make list but the first thing I do everyday must accomplish something long-term. If I get just one long-term task done everyday the process is easier and much more successful.

    I hope this helps!

  • Toni Lawrence

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I have a nice website, over 100 ebooks on various topics, a newsletter, I allow authors to submit ebooks to resell on my site, and I have a blog. I still spending over 10 hours a day on the site, adding more books and keeping up on LinkReferral so I can get some traffic. I need to build a mailing list. I’ve had great comments, a few have joined the mailing list, but not one sale!!! I have been open for a month now. I’m getting very concerned. I try to offer products people will want to read. Any suggestions?

  • Nigel Hawley

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John,

    I think I need a mentor I just do not know were to start I have the two websites which I advertise in newspapers ,but nothing comes from this ,and I sell a few e-books on Ebay.

    Can you help?

    Kind regards

  • Derek Land

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John,

    As a web designer and entrepreneur myself I can appreciate that so many people want things handed to them – they don’t want to expend their time and energy to reach out and grab for for themselves.

    I find it sad at times that so many people have so little knowledge about how to get started online, and still others know the steps to take but don’t want to be bothered with making an investment over $20.

    I think tho’ that the biggest problem a lot of folks have is your spot-on header up there: Lack of Confidence. A lot of folks, for one reason or another, get hit with Lack of Knowledge or what-not, and doubt themselves that they can follow through on their investment.

    I think if someone can prove one thing to himself he’d jump right in: Do a traffic test! My first investment, before I did anything else, was buy a 30-day eBay Classified ad just to check interest – and in no time I had enough hits on that one ad to convince me to put another few toes in the water, as it were.

    John, you’re an inspiration to everyone with your advice. Keep up the good work!

    Be well,

  • Chris

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Great information again John,

    Confucius Says….

    “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”


  • Al Grant

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Spot on John and after reading a couple of replies on this Blog it hit home. I am going to spend less time reading and more time Doing. The TV is off and i’m off,till next time. Got to get this bad boy finnished

  • Alex

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Could’nt have said it better myself, I get caught up into other things online, and do not stay focused on IM. John your book so far is excellent, showing how to build a resale rights empire. My biggest excuse so far was time, however, I realize that it’s just an excuse.

    Alex Price

  • Randy Smith

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Great Post John,

    Unfortunately – It’s one that you could repeat every few months and it would still be relevant! :(

    But then if just a small handful can take inspiration from it and get something done…. the satisfaction you must feel must be overwhelming.

    For all those scared or lacking confidence, worried about things being right….
    I’ve said this myself to a good number of online friends….

    The appollo missions were off course 98% of the time – but they still went for it and made corrections en-route….and they got to the moon and back!

    So feel free to check some of my early web pages and laugh… but get yours up and get started … mine are improving all the time. But the main point is – even the crappy ones still make me money!

    Also – if you’ve not read 7 key elements yet… do grab it and see what John taught me.


  • Jack Stewart

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    John, I read the other comments and agree completely. I have been trying to look at other areas in which to make income, instead of staying focused–I should stay the course. Thanks for the blog. Jack

  • Danie Aebi

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John

    Information overload, staying focused and want do too much at once is beside of your mentioned excuses the most reason.
    There are things should be done, but put aside to do later due to no experience with it, or just don’t like it.

    You need to push yourself to go ahead. Best done with a written aim, a fixed schedule and jobs to do. Plan in little steps and with enough time (realistic) to finish it so you getting a positive experience which is motivating you for the next step.



  • Josh

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Those are fair comments for items “under one’s direct control.”

    There are others somewhat beyond one’s direct control. Such as, necessary equipment, connections, etc. In my case, I saved for 1 whole year to be able to buy a ‘state of the art’ Sony Vaio laptop to run my ebook biz that I bought from you last year. I pay $50 a mo. for Internet access. I just paid about $85 for 1 year hosting at D9. But, the videos won’t play right!

    Today, I took off a whole day from work (lost $75) to come to a large University in the Middle of Tennessee (where I graduated from) to use their powerful (Dell) Desktop models (they lease 800 of them) in the library to watch your videos, praying to catch up to the group. (*) As a test (when Daniel raised the question of my Internect connection speed?). They still don’t work right! the librarian cannot get them to work right either!?

    I’ve put 16 hours of frustration into trying to get the videos to run right – on 2 different systems (over the mo. of February) and still they freeze up, sound breaks up, etc. it’s unbelievable.

    Dave Guindon’s videos play fine (on my laptop).
    Real Estate coaching club in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.) play fine.
    Other person’s videos on the Internet (from time to time) play fine.

    I’m not giving up yet, I just do not think it is all fair to only point the finger at the person investing hundreds of dollara at, and many hours into doing their darndest to access learning materials that don’t work right (temporarily). I am not saying it is the fault of the videos yet, I don’t rightly know where the problem lies. Daniel (PlanetSMS support) is helping me thru email support, bless him, and with “perseverance’ I believe we will whip it. Josh Holliday, lost in the woods in Tennessee (Joke, trying to keep a lil humor alive).

  • Chris Begg

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John,
    I have just set up my website and as yet haven’t done anything with it. I am suffering from 2 broken ribs and have very limited mobility. Hopefuly in the next 2 weeks I will be able to move better and I will set up an e-bay classified add linking to my website.

    Best Regards,
    Chris Begg

  • John

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I was interested to read the exchange of letters with Bob,who had no Web site.

    I am not enjoying any success and I have a Web site,actually built for me by Divinity.This site offers a multitude of choices and I have to wonder if that is the problem.Visitors have so many choices they leave without buying anything.

    Unfortunately,the site has no squeeze page so I do not even get any follow-up opportunity.As I did not build the site I have to learn how to add a squeeze page and access the software to add the page.It may be that these operations should be separate.Have a squeeze page offering a free gift to get prospects to my multi-product site.

    Any suggestions on finding good inexpensive advertising sites would be appreciated.

  • Harjit Irani

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    Hi John
    I have been reading a lot about internet marketing but did nothing
    for the last 5 years. Since I started this year I have learnt what works for me. I will share with you all.

    1. Stay focused. That is very important. There are lot of gurus out there. Just follow one and do everything that you can and then move on.

    2. Have goals. Do what small things you can for do that day. Take action and do it. Even if is writing an email or tweaking your website, etc

    3. Take action. Don’t procrastinate. You will find success fairly quickly even with small actions every day.

    4. I finished my ebook by writing even a few lines a day. And it is doing so well as a free ebook on my site.


  • normz

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I have a website that is just about ready. I will be following your advice and keeping tuned in.

  • June

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    OMG! I am such a slacker! I have a couple of sites up, I write articles, I have a couple of blogs (one I hate and need to remove), and about 25 Squidoo lens and some Hubs. I have several ebooks started but not finished, and more ideas. But I can’t get focused on one thing. I lack techie skills, so I try to write a little, up date a website a little, answer email a lot (groan) and try to learn a little bit. I am making money, but not enough to live on. I know I could make more if I could only get focused and do one thing at a time. Then maybe I’ll get enough money to actually build a list through Aweber. Another thing on the list of must do. Write an auto responder series. (Grin) I need to make a daily check list and follow it. Another thing to do.

  • Kirk Turner

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Hi, John
    After reading your blog for the last two days, downloading all the ebooks from your newsletters, watching the two videos from the coaching thing etc, etc, I know I do have to take action. It all seems a little overwhelming, though and I tend to get lazy. (Something you implied in your blog) I am quite sure all of those reasons apply to me and millions of other people as well.
    I created a challenging situation for myself and am trying to dig myself out of the consequences of past decisions.
    I am getting some experience from selling on ebay, (computer parts) but I do feel that I have a lot of products that I can create myself. (especially ebooks and guides)
    I am a craftsman/jeweler and will be designing jewelry and how to guides about that and also dog related ebooks. I am the only person in the world to have successfully trained dogs to find 4 different kinds of cancer in humans and am a co=author of that data published in a medical journal.
    I don’t want to keep pouring money into various “GET RICH” programs from ebay ebooks and have settled on your info to study and develope. You do provide just a ton of stuff. Thank you so much.
    The next time you start your coaching program for 16 weeks for UNDER $500, I want to be there and I hope to be able to afford it.
    I am sure I will.
    In the meantime I want to get a head start, read your already gotten materials again, get at least my first website and product up etc, etc. But that is where I am stuck at the moment: just pulling the trigger on that without the upsell product quite yet and still not quite understanding what I SHOULD do first. Sell the ebooks I already have from you? set up the affiliate stuff? the JV stuff?
    Of all the information available on ebay concerning this kind of business your stuff has impressed me the most.
    Keep up the great work. I am sure you have made a huge difference in many people’s lives
    On ebay I am “kirk1668″

  • Sharon

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    I think most people simply do not believe they can be successful. Most of us surround ourselves with people who don’t believe we can be successful either.

    In my case I have many people wondering how the heck I’ll make any money when I’m giving away ebooks for free! They just don’t get it, and I’m certainly not in a position where I can explain it to them as I only started out a last September and I’m not even sure I understand it all myself!

    The difference is that I won’t give up. I’ll learn from my mistakes and I’ll follow in the footsteps of others who have achieved what I want to achieve.

    Don’t focus on mistakes. You’ll feel angry and frustrated with yourself. Focus on the outcome you want to achieve and feel excited about the journey. (That’s why it helps to start a business you are passionate about.) You’ll find that things will flow smoothly.

    The only failure is giving up.

  • Roger (aka Steve)

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    John —

    As always, advice I try to follow, though so far it hasn’t done me much good, but then, I always was a late bloomer. My problem is low productivity compounded by my area of expertise(writing/marketing communications for SOHO business owners and “eBayers.” That means, in my case, the medium really is the message. I have to take my time and write it as if I knew what I was doing. That takes too much time, but I’m stuck with it. Like most of us, I suspect, I’ve jumped from one “system” to another for a year, then I realized I had to pick one or two and stick with them. You’re it.

    Thanks. . .Steve

    Also have greatly enjoyed the responses.

  • stacey king

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    the website i have listed up above is one of three lisenced websites i purchased through stores online.(4500.00) i have only tried to do one because until ones up and live they wont activate one of the others… any way my problem is i have alot of your product,paula brett’s product,tons of information products(i have one or two librarý’s i have even bought) taking up endless amounts of space on my hard drive,and could not figure out how to load multiple files on ftp? i think i said that correct? what files to keep out-like if its got resell rights-or if its rebrandeable? what to do? how does one TO DO??????? i am afraid i am tonge twisted @ how to even ask what im trying to ask-and i t totally am the worst @ just seams like they’re all different format- alot of yours have sales pages and photos–i am afraid i must have just jumped in face first here-although the credit card co. still wants there money every month on these websites i bit into,lol….
    my daughter told me if i get one of these websites going live soon—I will be too cool for school,lol!!! well hell- you think maybe you could shed some lite on this for me-im too cool for school bound and i could use a little assistance….
    dont you want to be apart of too cool for school-right lol?
    hit me back – chow 4 now!
    do you yahoo- add me/buddy(i dont annoy people)
    i usually stay invisible/hate people who annoy!

  • Ian Gourlay

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Hi was going to make my first comment on your blog, but have just learnt a reason why you have a blog To Capture email addresses.

    Also before I am supprised you allow rivals to advertise on your blog.

    My comment on why not having web site for information product is cost of setting up site, ie domain name and annual fees and not getting hits and fear of not getting return from investment,

    All this is due to lack of knowledge and experience of online market place.

  • Jerry D

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008


    As usual you’re right on the money, great comments and telling it like it is. I think for myself it mostly technical. I do get lost sometimes with little things like “Explorer” freezing up and telling me it’s got to shut down when I am in the middle of something. Its frustrating and time consuming, but as you said “once I’ve completed this first site” I wont be looking back. Thanks for all the help.

    Jerry D.

  • normz

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    There always is a ton of worthwhile info.

  • normz

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    I hope to have my website up and running soon.

  • Amit

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Hi John,

    I am also just start focus on internet money making system… your guidence really great for me..

    Thank You,

    Amit Chivilkar
    Mumbai, India

  • peter_act

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    My biggest failing?
    I don’t have a sign up page on my site

    Why not?

    Scared of Aweber

    What to do?

    Follow the advice in the comments – sit down and actually start to read about Aweber instead of putting it off.

    Napoleon once said “Sometimes the pain of indecision is greater than the pain of the threat being avoided” (or something like that)

    The little general was right!

  • Birgit

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Excellent post. Enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your time.

  • Barry Wells

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Hi John, yet again some spot on advice, (and a boot up the backside ha ha). I always follow your advice and now have 2 websites running, 1 mailing list and have just finished my 1st ebook, well nearly finished it, just a cover and sales page to complete. I will then be asking your advice on the best way to market it.

    My 1st ebook simply covers what i’ve done so far to devlop my business, from the 1st click of enquiry to the last click of completion. It really isn’t that hard. Listen to Johns advice and you won’t go wrong, AS LONG AS YOU ACT ON IT!

    Thanks again John
    Best wishes, Barry Wells

  • Mark McWilliams

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Is everyone ready? If you’ve not yet made yourself some popcorn, then go do that now. I might be here for sometime!

    So were shall I begin? Tell you what, I’ll just list EVERYTHING down!

    Aweber – Let’s just start by saying that I’m NOT scared of it, but in a way…it’s kind of nervous investing in some equipment like that. I’ve looked around the site many times and have even talked to their ‘Live Support’ a couple of times.

    Confidence – Put it this way, I like everything to be 200%. So if I write anything that could be used for say an article, I always need to go and rewrite it 5/6 times to get it how I really would like it.

    This is probably something that I shouldn’t do, plus it takes up even more time. But at the end of the day, it’s the way I do things.

    Experience – I would say that this is a BIGGIE! After all, I am only a 16 year old. If I was to get a few products out there, then I know that I’d be more inclinded to keep on going. I don’t want to stop, since I’ve met many great people in various places.

    Writing Ability – Well, this maybe is what EVERYONE says…and I know that people think I can write. But inside me, I still feel that things need to be rewritten to reach my 100%! Might be strange, but again it’s me.

    Too Many Ideas – Well that’s me! I have at least 6 other ideas that I’d like to do, possibly all the year…but at least 3. I do write the ideas down on paper so that I can come back to them at a later date.

    While some would love to have too many ideas, I just can’t get these ideas out there, making me money and creating a brand for myself.

    Funds – Now I’m sure when everyone started…they lacked the funds that are required to get started in this business. But for a teenager, it’s even harder…although I do have cash.

    Starting Out On The Wrong Foot! – When I started, while I did search around eBay looking for something that took my fancy, I DID start off by spending quite a bit of cash on POINTLESS items. It’s only really now that I regret doing that, cause at the time…I thought it was going to work! As most people do… 😀

    Inspiration – This really is a killer, I spend 30 minutes think what to write were an experienced marketer would have had a chapter finished in that time.

    Personal Goal, But Nowhere Near It – For me, I think this is the real murderer! Now, for obvious reasons…I’m not going to go into great detail because afterall, it’s personal. (John, if you’d like to know a bit more…you have my email) I have only told a select few, well 3 people. ALL 3 of the wish me to succeed and do help me out whenever they can.

    Well that’s basically all I can think of at the moment, so we’ll leave that now and get onto what John has already said.


    Sometimes I find that when people talk about them needing to get a Dedicated Server now because of all their sites and that, it puts me off. While I can understand what people like John says, I’m sure others will agree with me.

    I know that they are trying to teach us, and help us succeed. Do you not think that it can be off-puting?

    While I totaly understand the ‘Many Streams Makes A River’ effect with websites, it’s just trying to be as good as the experienced marketer.

    So that’s me done, I’ve said my bit and would love to see what sort of outcome this post possibly brings. If you’ve still got some popcorn left then you’ve been eating it far too slow… 😉


  • Ian Gourlay

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    As a newbie to all this and on the principal Feel The Fair do it anyway and having at least four books I could write.

    Where is the best place to go for multiple websites?

  • Ana-Maria

    Reply Reply February 29, 2008

    Hi All,

    This is what has happened to me.

    For the last two years I have been trying a few things, buying ebooks, learning, etc. At first I was totally lost until I finally found John T.
    I am in the process now of installing the website that I bought recently from PlanetSMS and yes, I am still scared, but 8 months ago I had idea of how a website worked, now I understand a website is just a bunch of files and images.
    My point here is:
    After reading, watching videos, more reading, finallly things are starting to fall into place.
    What I would do if I had to start again?
    1) Find what you want to do. Do you want to sell physical products or do you want to sell and write ebooks?
    2) Find a trust worthy marketer to follow (for me is John T.)
    3) Once you find that marketer follow their advice and don’t deviate buying lots of other material that does not directly refer to what your want to do. I know there are thousands of way of making money but if you want to try every one of them you will never get anywhere.
    4) You can read a couple of other marketers material just to see where the market is going but DO NOT jump into any new opportunity, keep focused on one thing at the time.
    5) Read the books from John T. and listen to his videos many times over. I find that when things are not working properly for me I go back to the info and there it is, something is not working because I missed a part.
    6) I believe that if we follow John’s advice we will get there. He is always there to help.
    7) Must of all, the ebook business is not a get rich quick scheme, you need to spend time on it. Watch TV? I don’t know what that is at the moment. But I tell you what. I am so proud of myself for all the knowledge I have acquired in these last two years, I feel like I have been to university. Just keep focused and you will get there.
    8) PlanetSMS membership is the perfect partner for MentorshipMonthly. Thanks Daniel for pointing this to me. You can get all sorts of help in the forum, AWEBER, MyDD and many, many more topics. Great helpful people there.


    I would love to hear all your comments at the end of 2008, what have you done? Has this blog inspired you to improve your business? Maybe we can all get together here in December 2008 and look back and say “This is where I was in February 2008 and this is where I am now”, I am sure that then we can all measure our progress.

    Talk to you in December.


  • Graham in U.K.

    Reply Reply March 1, 2008

    Hi John
    I’ve read all the comments with interest because I still can’t seem to get it together yet. My case is absolute frustration!
    Too much conflicting information, no real basic steps to take, when I’ve bought ebooks (they always seem to think you know the basics) they never seem to give all the stepping stones that you need to take and follow – there’s more to it than you realise and the techie bit is daunting. Having said that over the last 18 months I have learnt a hell of a lot (more than I realised) and am now desperate to get my first website up. I can look at sites and emails and see where they are making mistakes, but I just can’t seem to get my first site up. Niche research I understand the theorey,(keyword research/ search engine results etc) but am still not sure how someone decides….’I’m going to put a site up about plastic surgery’ or whatever…. this still puzzles me as to how they arrived at their decision? This seems to be the most important step but I don’t seem to be able to get my head round it.
    I still keep reading ebooks and hope the mist clears up soon so I can get off the ‘……’ starting blocks!
    I feel everyone else is ahead of me and making money, and I’m so frustrated at being left behind.
    There, you asked for a comment and I’ve got it off my chest and given you an honest viewpoint of where I’m at, I’m not lazy, just very frustated ….. but I will not give up!
    Graham in the U.K.

  • Ken Schumacher

    Reply Reply March 1, 2008

    Hi John,

    I agree 100%. When you really break it down, it is all just excuses and nothing that can’t be overcome. I like to think in terms of analogies. So here goes. Think about the process of learning to ride a bike or learning anything really.

    Everyone had a lack of confidence learning to ride a bike but we did it anyway. As a child we didn’t have the knowledge to ride a bike but we asked our parents and was given that information. And I don’t know any kid that said “well I’d like to learn to ride a bike because all my friends are, but I just don’t have time”. Finally, a child who desires to learn to ride a bike will keep practicing until he/she has enough skills to become an expert.

    I have heard many times from different sources that “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first”. And the people who have said this are all very wealthy. I think one of the biggest factors is the lack of clarity or direction.

    With all the opportunities presented on the internet it is easy to have information overload and become confused. A person needs to take a step back and get that clarity. There are many ways to take an idea and discover whether there is a good market for it. If not, move on to the next one. And then stick to ONE. I personally have several ideas that are all pretty good, but I know that I need to focus on just one at a time, get it up and running, automated and profitable and then go to the next one.

    John has an excellent coaching program that I am blessed to be a part of – Thank you, John. And even though I am just in the beginning stages, I know that I will become successful because of it. So find someone to model after or join a forum and just begin once you have your specific clarity. Don’t let fear and excuses hold you back from the lifestyle of your dreams.

    Expect Abundance and Miracles,
    Ken Schumacher

  • Beatrice

    Reply Reply March 2, 2008

    I am foolish!This is why?

    I was one of the first people to purchase the powerseller package from John in 2006.
    Had a website uploaded but can’t even get round to accessing my own webspace at 1and1 yet I have to pay business hosting fees on a half yearly basis,I even purchased my DD linked it to ebay and listed all the books that were included with the website but all I have suffered is the ebay charges and fees to date.
    I was almost giving up but after reading this page today,I have swallowed my pride!
    I will search for knowledge.It is a new beginning for me.

  • Joe

    Reply Reply March 3, 2008

    Would just like to say that I empathise with Stacey King, re having bought some Stores Online websites, and having trouble getting them to the “live” stage. Would like to see if she would share some experiences, through email, and see if we are having the same problems. Thanks to John, I am getting much more focussed on getting closer to “making this eSelling stuff work”.


  • cyberstar

    Reply Reply March 4, 2008

    Its not just about having a website, any one can get that. You need targeted traffic. Now, a great way of getting free traffic on autopilot is get affiliates promoting your ebook. This usually works best if your ebook is rebrandable. Therefore you must have your own clickbank product for them to rebrand it.

  • Lee McIntyre

    Reply Reply March 8, 2008

    Hi John

    That’s an excellent article and something that everyone should read. From personal experience I can say that when you stop thinking and start doing, the profits come so much faster!

    Like you always teach – creating lots of products and sites really is the key to online wealth, and hopefully your article will inspire others to take action!


    Lee McIntyre

  • Donald

    Reply Reply June 12, 2012

    Hi John,

    An excellent post. I probably fall into most categories, FB, TV etc. I have just about finished a product.I had 2 previos ebooks but they’re still in the depths of my HDD and will remain there forever. The third attempt won’t, getting graphics this week (payday) and then add video links (someone else’s) and hopefully good to go. If you’re not happy about doing videos find a marketer who does videos on your niche and ask, just like I did. Add a link of his as a gesture. If you’re confident try Camtasia 3 or Camstudio, bothe FREE. I hope to do videos one day… John said, LEARN. My tuppence worth.



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