The PLR Landscape has Changed

Beautiful woman in shockIn terms of PLR and how it has changed over the years you would think it has when you look at it. After all PLR is PLR isn’t it? In most respects that is true, but when you look at the changing market around you and how you can use PLR to your advantage you may be shocked to discover there have been so many changes to the ways you can profit from PLR.

In this post I would like to take a look at some of the ways we may be overlooking when it comes to using PLR, not just to make a profit, but drive traffic and position ourselves as an expert in our niche; even when we don’t really have any skills in that particular field.

How is this possible Dan you may be asking?

It’s simple….

You see, Private Label Rights Material is perfect for positioning yourself in such a way so you can become an expert in any niche without being an expert! This is done by leveraging two basic things:

1. Content
2. Social Media

No more old school PLR techniques here, check this out. Imagine you have a bunch of top quality PLR and you have done the basics with it such as:

  • Sold the eBook stand alone
  • Split the eBook into articles
  • Add the articles to your blog
  • Used it as a giveaway

Now all these are great ways to syndicate your content and get the most from PLR, but this is nothing new. People have been doing this for years. But what is new is how you can leverage social media and drive traffic back to your businesses.

Try this for size.

Lets say you have a bunch of PLR material including, an eBook, articles, graphics etc. Is there a way you can create a business and leverage traffic to an offer? Of course, you just have to know how to do it.

A new approach could work like this:

1. Take your article content and graphics and start a niche blog using WordPress
2. Have an opt-in on this site of the free eBook to build a list and create an affiliate revenue
3. Have Google ads on this site to build revenue on the front end

OK, now you are ready for social media?

4. You can now setup a Facebook page in this same niche using your articles excerpts and snippets from your eBook as content to drive traffic back to the site in the form of likes.
5. This will create front end AdSense revenue and subscribers for the free eBook.
6. You can use the graphics to direct traffic from pinterest. When you run out, simple source more royalty free niche graphics.
7. Open a Twitter account and follow a bunch of like minded people, then tweet excerpts from articles and the eBook to drive traffic back to your offer, again for signups and Google revenue.

You have now positioned yourself as an expert using PLR and social media without really knowing your niche. Take a hot niche in this subject and you can really make an impact. However thats not all.

8. You can also take your eBook and repackage it into a bigger package of related PLR and create an automated webinar with the eBook content. Again positioning yourself as an expert, you can pitch the big package at the end.

If you are wondering how to create a webinar, you could use your  blog as well as software such as the evergreen business system and run everything from a page on your blog!

I like a fresh new look on PLR don’t you? :)

Dave Nicholson and I have been working for a while now and have just released a VERY special offer.

Over our extensive years as PLR publishers (I won’t say how long, but it’s loooong time :-) ), one question we get asked regularly is “What’s the Simplest and Fastest way that I can Utilize my PLR material to start Making Money Online?”

In fact, we got asked this question so much that we decided to create a SIMPLE to follow 12 Part Video Course that explains EVERYTHING that you need to do, step by step!

Here’s a few highlights of what this AWESOME PLR Training Course provides:

Getting Your Sales Pages Ready to Sell.
It’s good to have a professional in your corner especially when it comes to creating sales pages. In the video you will be shown exactly what to do and how to edit and upload your sales pages to get them ‘Sales Ready’. This training has massive value for getting your products ready.

Making Your PLR Content Unique.
Making your content your own is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It’s also a great way make an income from product and affiliate advertising. In this amazing training video you will be shown just how to make your PLR content your own to improve your income and also your professionalism.

Making Auction Ready Sales Pages.
In this video you will be shown how to add your sales pages to auction websites to earn an income from selling physical information CD’s and DVD’s. Selling digital information in this way can create a great online income and have huge mailing list and affiliate income potential.

CD and DVD Conversion.
Yes, it’s that simple. We will show you how to create your own media CD’s and DVD’s to sell anywhere! Not just auction websites. Anywhere you can sell physical goods you can sell CD’s and DVD’s to create an offline income.

Utilizing PLR Articles.
In this video we will show you the very best ways to utilize your PLR articles, making them REALLY work for you in the fastest and simplest ways possible.

Creating a Mini Course With Your PLR.
Email mini courses have been around for a long time and they work just as well now as they did in the past. Why? Everyone loves free content and a free informative mini course is still a great way to reach your audience no matter what niche you are in. In this video we will show you exactly how to reach those niches and create your own killer mini courses.

Creating a Free Report With Your PLR.
Making money from PLR is not just a case of selling an eBook! It’s what you do with the whole content package that matters. By syndicating your content to more than one end, you can increase your revenue substantially! In this video we will show you exactly how to create a cut down report which you can use as leverage to drive sales and traffic to your main offer.

Converting Your PLR Into Articles.
Article marketing isn’t as great as it used to be, but converting your PLR to articles still has great value. Inside this video we show you how you can use your articles to your advantage and still make them count.

Creating an Offer For Facebook With PLR.
In this video we show you how you can utilize the power of Facebook pages to add a free offer for visitors to download. This technique alone can create a ton of traffic back to your chosen offers, allowing you to maximize sale potential.

Using Social Media With Your PLR.
Social media is the hottest place online at the moment to connect with people and find traffic. By utilizing your PLR in the ways we teach you in this video, you can create instant content and become an instant expert in your chosen niche.

Using PLR to Create a Niche Blog.
Sometimes there is a need for instant valuable content. By using PLR articles within your own websites and blogs you have the ability to create instant value and information for your readers. In this video we will show exactly how to extract and build your own killer content without typing a word.

Bundling Your PLR Into Packages.
We’ll show you the very best and most effective ways that you can package your PLR material into larger packages to increase your subscribers and earn a much larger income.

Money Making Tips and Tricks.
As well as the training we will also supply you with some great money making tips and tricks along the way. It’s these golden nuggets of information which will help you get the most from your PLR and earn you a fantastic income for a long time to come.

So as you can see, we have covered EVERYTHING, and as we ALWAYS try to help you out in EVERY way possible, we also made the price a CRAZY $9.95 for a limited time ONLY.

Go check it out!

This is a guest post written by Dan Sumner, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.


  • vinton samms

    Reply Reply November 1, 2013

    Hi Dan,
    Like always you provide excellent information to support us marketers. I thoroughly enjoyed this post as it provided valuable information for me. I have received tons of PLR articles and most of them I just ignored either because I am overwhelmed or I believed they would not have been unique content. So, once again Dan thanks and I will check out your offer.

  • Paul Henderson

    Reply Reply November 2, 2013

    Hey Dan,

    you can be proud of this post buddy. Well written and cram packed with information overload. There are so many actionable ideas outlined in your bullet points, that we can only imagine what a great deal the actual product must be.

    I’m sorely tempted to get it just to keep to one side until I have time to use it. For now though, I MUST maintain focus on my own product. But for what it’s worth Dan, I wanted to let you know my thoughts on your 5 star post – well done sir!

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