10 Reasons Why ClickBank is The Perfect Platform For Warrior Special Offers

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s the best affiliate platform to use for your Warrior Special Offers. For me there is only one contender and it’s ClickBank. Here’s why.

1, It’s real easy for affiliates to promote a WSO via ClickBank, all they need is their ClickBank ID, there is no need to approve affiliates and no worrying about approving affiliates you don’t know.

2, ClickBank takes care of refunds, paying affiliates, taxes, vat, everything.

3, If you run a WSO with a partner you can set up a ClickBank JV Contract and not worry about splitting payments, again, ClickBank takes care of refunds, paying affiliates, taxes, vat and it’s all split with you and your JV partner.

4. You can use the ClickBank JV feature to recruit more affiliates by offering them a slice of all your profits. EG. Dear mr big guy, if you promote my WSO I’ll give you 10% of everything it earns for the next 7 days.

5. You can integrate multiple one click upsells, downsells, recurring billing products, etc.

6. With special software you can have your main hoplink going to your main product at the regular price and your WSO re-directing the discounted version of your discounted product to your WSO. If you want to see this in action note how this hoplink goes to our main sales page:


And this hoplink’ goes to the WSO:


Here’s an example of one of our WSO JV pages that uses ClickBank, this WSO has done over 50k in sales:


7. More and more affiliates are refusing to promote WSO’s via Warrior Plus because of the risks associated with PayPal and this figure can only grow.

8. I know I’ve mentioned ClickBank takes care of refunds but this can be a real issue with Warrior Plus and other affiliate platforms that rotate payments. Affiliate platforms that rotate payments send one payment to the product creator and then one to the affiliate on a rotation system.

If someone wants a refund they usually go to the WSO seller but more often than not the payment goes to an affiliate, I think you can see how this can lead to problems. How many threads do you see go bad because a refund doesn’t get processed in a timely manner? With ClickBank you are in control of refunds and you never ever have to worry about an affiliate not processing a refund.

9. ClickBank is super reliable, I’ve never seen it go down, ever.

10. The biggest reason of all, you will never be looking over your shoulder waiting for the email from PayPal telling you your account is limited. This alone is a reason to go with ClickBank.

As more and more WSO sellers see their PayPal accounts becoming limited ClickBank seems to be the perfect alternative. I’d love to hear what you think so please feel free to comment.


  • Mary Kathan

    Reply Reply March 1, 2012

    Sounds like Clickbank is a lot easier to deal with overall.

  • Eamon

    Reply Reply March 1, 2012

    Hi John

    John you’ve been saying this over and over and I know it’s with good reason.

    The amount of horror stories that’s been popping up lately on people losing their PayPal accounts using WSO Pro as their prefered platform to list their product…it’s just not worth it in the long run.


  • David Rodwell

    Reply Reply March 1, 2012

    I do not understand all the push back from Warrior+. I see the bennies of Clickbank I just don’t understand the downside of Warrior+

    I would love to hear anyones thoughts.

    My main reason for asking is I will have a launch of my first WSO shortly…(Thanks for all the help John) and my head is swimming…JVZoo/Clickbank/Warrior+ I need to decide pretty soon.

    David Rodwell

    • David Taylor

      Reply Reply March 3, 2012

      Hi David,

      I read a report by Jason Fladlien (thanks for that JT) that detailed some of the problems.

      1. Warrior+ pays affiliates on a rota. For example, if you use 50% commission, W+ will pay you 100% on the first sale, the affiliate 100% on the second sale, you again on the 3rd and so on.
      This has a few disadvantages. First, every affiliate sale goes directly to their OWN Paypal account. You may think you are buying a John Thornhill product but when you get to the Paypal checkout page, the name at the top will be the affiliate’s name.
      Also, the customer may go to the affiliate for support since that’s where they sent their payment.

      2. Because of the above, if the affiliate sells an odd number of products, you get paid more than they do, so they’re not actually getting 50%. If the price is high by then, they could be missing out on a good few bucks. Not really fair.

      3. The payment button goes straight from the Warrior forum to the payment page. Paypal apparently prefer that the buyer be directed back to a page the seller owns first, and that’s what John’s buy button does.

      4. Because the affiliate gets 100% of every other sale, I’m not sure how easy it is to get a refund of that sale.

      Clickbank may be more expensive if you are setting up a new product as you are paying the CB new account fee plus the WSO listing charge. however this is not the case if you are listing an existing product as a WSO. You can just add the WSO page to the main product and you only need to pay the WSO listing fee. John’s CB Affiliate Master software is perfect for this.

      JVZoo and Digiresults both split commissions on EACH sale so solve the first problem. Of the 2, I prefer JVZoo as it seems to have a larger affiliate base, or at least a more responsive one.

      Anyway, that is a brief summary of my understanding of the differences. Hope it helps and best of luck with your WSO.

      All the best,


      • Luigi

        Reply Reply August 27, 2012

        Hi David,

        just to be sure about it:if i create a product and i want sell it like a WSO on warrior forum:THE BELOW TEXT MEANS:….FROM YOUR POST
        “if you are setting up a new product as you are paying the CB new account fee plus the WSO listing charge..”end

        do i need to pay USD 40 to warrior forum to list the product plus..USD 49 to use clickbank..to receive my payments and to pay affiliates?

        the total cost to sell a new product like a WSO, on W.forum via c.bank is…USD 89 once?

        ps. after some..days?? if i want to come back on page one on W.Forum,i have to pay again USD 40,is it everithing correct?


        • John Thornhill

          Reply Reply August 27, 2012

          That is correct Luigi

  • Suzanne Morrison

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    Hi John,

    I’d never considered using Clickbank for a WSO before. The only disadvantages that I can see are the higher fees + you can’t qualify for WSO of the day.

    About #8 on your list – I noticed the last time I logged into Warrior Plus that they were asking affiliates to authorize their Paypal account to allow refunds for any sales made through Warrior Plus to be processed by them.

    If you’ve not logged in over the last few days you’ll see this if you login.

    So if affiliates agree to this, it will make the refund process easier as people are not depending on their affiliates to process the refunds.


  • Kevin Long

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    Hi John

    Great post, as you know John, Ive just released my first WSO using Warrior Plus, due to an error by me, i did’nt associate a post, (thanks for sorting it for me John)and had to pay another $40 to bump it, I will be using clickbank from now on, even though it was my fault, their helpdesk did’nt seem in a hurry to answer my questions.

    Hope this helps someone else.


  • Daniel Sumner

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    You know my take on this JT. Clickbank is the old fave and always will be. PayPal obviously don’t like the warrior forum so why would you chance losing your PP account using alternative methods?

    Stick with what you know.


  • William Murray

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012


    I agree with CB being a far better payment processor for WSO’s, however how would you suggest attracting Affiliates for your WSO’s if you are not that well know using CB as the payment processor?


  • Stefan Dyke

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    Very informative post as always John, it’s interesting to read your take on this considering you’ve used both methods in the past.

    Do any of the benefits of using Warrior Plus such as 100% commissions to affiliates (which Clickbank can’t do) mean there are any situations you would advise using it?



  • Dee

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    Hi John
    It obviously makes sense to avoid problems and there is no denying that using Clickbank saves a lot of hassle while Payapal are famous for causing as many problems as they can!
    It certainly helps to know all the pros and cons, thanks John

  • joe

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    Hey John,
    It really make sense, cos the fact cannot be deny with the stories flying around, PayPal owners lamenting about their account be shut down. With Clickbank handling all your payment even without you lifting a finger, while working on other project or go for a vacation. I think this is very Good. Thanks John for sharing this

  • Paul Teague

    Reply Reply March 3, 2012

    How does this work with product approval John?

    I’ve done a few launches on Clickbank now, and it’s become a massive pain to get products approved … it’s a pretty lengthy and tortuous process.

    What process do you have to go through to get listing approval with Clickbank?

    I know in the past that you could list additional items on an account without approval, is that still permitted?

    Loving all your Warrior content, find it extremely informative.

    Best wishes, Paul

    • John Thornhill

      Reply Reply March 5, 2012

      Hi Paul,

      The approval process would be just the same. I have found the approval process not too bad as you learn what to include/exclude from experience.

      You can list additional items from the same account but that could lead to issues for obvious reasons.

      It may be an extra step but the fact you don’t go through an approval process with other affiliate platforms means you could be doing something PayPal don’t like.

      Hope this helps.


  • Kelly

    Reply Reply March 4, 2012

    Cool stuff John, this was exactly what I was pondering and it’s nice to have it confirmed by an accomplished marketer like yourself.
    Thanks for the input.

    Kelly the Canadian!

  • Chris Shaw

    Reply Reply March 4, 2012

    Hi John,

    That MP3 that’s floating around the web of the phone call between Warrior Anthony Ayers and PayPal says it all. PayPal does or did not like the WF and how Warrior+ operates as they made it clear in that call that Warriors weren’t adding any value by selling products to other marketers in their eyes.

    Now I got an email from Mike Lantz the other day and I guess you did too where it seems that PayPal have kind of changed their mind but only by enforcing certain conditions on WSO sales through Warrior+ and you can read about them here:


    In a nutshell, all new WSO launches through Warrior+ mean you need to give them certain authorities in your PayPal account first, thus…


    We will need you to grant us permissions in the following areas:

    => Express Checkout: Allow us to initiate payments on your behalf.
    => Refunds: Allow us to initiate refunds on your behalf
    => Transaction details: Allow us to see payment details on a specific WSO Pro transaction
    => Contact Information: Allow us to access some basic information about you, like your name, country, and your Paypal email and ID”

    There’s other changes like proper split pay so if you’re happy doing that then you can use Warrior+ but who knows if there’ll be more demands from PayPal down the track?


  • Craig Pullman

    Reply Reply March 5, 2012

    Hi John,

    seems to me that PayPal has got a bee in its bonnet. In today’s economic climate wouldn’t you think they would want to get money from as many sources as possible? As long as your are doing nothing illegal, why wouldn’t they accept a payment? Maybe its because Clickbank is a major rival and words have been exchanged? Who knows. I will definitely be going with CB – their track record is impeccable.


  • Noel Cunningham

    Reply Reply March 8, 2012

    Hi John,

    I prefer Clickbank myself….you’re dealing with an expert brand that are well known and are respected worldwide because of it. Affiliates get paid on time, everytime and that’s why they love it.

    I used a different platform (don’t wanna bad mouth anything here!) and let’s just say that for my next launch I am definitely going with Clickbank.

    Clickbank for me everytime – it’s a no brainer Lol

    Best Regards – Noel.

  • James Gladwell

    Reply Reply March 14, 2012

    Good stuff John, thanks for the simple breakdown.

    I’m going with Clickbank for pretty much everything I’m going to be selling online, especially in the IM market.

    Affiliates love it and anything you can do to show them some love (like using Clickbank) comes back to you in spades.


  • Glen

    Reply Reply March 24, 2013

    HI John,

    I’m almost convinced to go with Clickbank for my WSO (since I already have 4 CB accounts).

    Now we all know that the aim is to get as many affiliates on board as possible in order to make your WSO successful, and it’s been pointed to me numerous times by people of good standing on the Warrior Forum, that affiliates will be hard to attract if I use CB as the processor for my WSO.

    The reasons for this the say are:

    …It’s easier to sign up as an affiliate through WarriorPro or JVZoo.

    …delayed commissions payments with CB

    …..higher costs for affiliates with CB

    Also with CB there the issue about purchasers using their own CB affiliate link to buy.


    Suppose you have WSO product and it’s $5.

    My CB account by default has a 50% commission. The purchaser uses his CB affiliate link to buy the product, so he get the product for $2.50

    Even though I’ve put the WSO product in an existing CB account with other products, I know I can change the Commission% to ‘0’ for that specific product, so the above won’t happen.

    However, if I do that then it also totally precludes ANY affiliates that sign up to sell the product from getting a ‘legitimate commission on the product.

    So it seems I’m between a rock and hard place…

    I either accept that I will get ‘dodgy’ $2.50 sales for those smart enough to us their CB affiliate links to buy, but don’t want to be affiliates.

    I suppose any Vendor who sell products on the CB platform is open to this.

    Although in my mind that whole scenario become worse

    Suppose you have a main product you sell normally every day for $97 on Clickbank (and you’ve set the commission at 50%)

    You do a WSO and offer the product at say $57 ( again, processing it through CB)

    Now the ‘clever’ buyers in the know, use their CB affiliate ID to purchase the WSO

    Which means now, as the vendor for that WSO, I get $28.50 for that WSO sale, on what was originally a $97 product.

    Am I missing anything?

    Any thoughts or suggestions please John


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