Is AuctionTNT all it claims to be?

If you become a member of AuctionTNT you will be able to crush your eBay competition, that is the claim from the headline on the Auction TNT homepage.

But is it true?

AuctionTNT is an eBay seller resource created by Mike Enos. The main purpose of AuctionTNT is to provide you with all the tools and services you need to give your potential eBay customers a better shopping experience. It does this by helping you promote yourself as a trustworthy, professional seller.

My first impression of AuctionTNT is the fact everything for the eBay seller seems to be covered. There seems to be a tool for every possible auction scenario and Mike’s eBay experience clearly shows in the way he has built the site. It also appears Mike has accommodated for every level of eBay experience from newbie to PowerSeller. Although if you are a newbie you may be a little overwhelmed on your first visit as the site is huge. However, there are plenty of video tutorials on the site to show you how everything works and it wont take long to become familiar with the whole site.

I also think this site will benefit someone who is less experienced with creating good looking listings as the main problems are covered, problems such as:-

How do I add audio to my listings? How do I add video to my listings? How do I add pictures to my listings?

These are questions I am asked a lot and unless you are experienced in HTML this can be quite complicated. However, creating excellent looking listings with AuctionTNT becomes a breeze as adding pictures, audio and video is so simple. The main reason for this is all your media is stored in your AuctionTNT account so there is no need to store everything on your own hosting account.

And it’s not just the tools that are invaluable, there is also a ton of resources on the site that can help you become a more profitable eBay seller. Resources such as the fantastic bonus section that includes hundreds of dollars worth of eBay related eBooks and software from some of eBay’s top sellers.

There is also a Dropshipper / Wholesaler of the week section. Each week you will be provided with a spotlighted supplier of the week. This is an excellent resource for seeking out those hard to find wholesale products. There is also a Dropship / Wholesale search engine.

And I am just scratching the surface. There are also a ton of other resources, tools and tutorials that make this one of the most comprehensive eBay seller resources on the Internet today.

So is AuctionTNT for you?

Mike has done an excellent job and has tried to create a resource for everyone but my honest opinion is AuctionTNT will benefit the new eBay seller more than the experienced eBay seller. Most experienced sellers will have everything in place already but if you are just starting out this could be one of the best investments you ever make. However, saying that no matter what level you are at you should still check out what Mike has to offer.

So take a look at AuctionTNT and decide for yourself if you need it by visiting:


  • River Otter Rescue

    Reply Reply October 2, 2007

    I noticed from Mike’s “eBay Zero to Hero” and his website for that product that the emphasis seems to be on physical products, wholesalers, dropshipping, etc. Will we information product producers/sellers get great enough value from this new membership site to justify its cost? Perhaps the Silver level would be sufficient for our needs?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 3, 2007

    Hi John

    Steve Rechel

    While I haven’t gone to the site to check everything out I would have to say that a long time ago I added sound to an ebay listing of NFL collectable helmets.I did this because and only because I had a free trial.All of these things or at least a lot of the things that Mike has listed on his site to help any ebay seller crush their competition will cost money.So I would have to say that at least most of the items are really only for the established power seller or someone that has an established ebay buisness making a pretty good profit every month allready.For those of us who are not it becomes tough to attempt to add some of these things to our ebay buisness whthout knowing for sure how that month is going to come out listing fee wise.Let me know if you agree or disagree.


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