Complete WSO Creation Mindmap – Start to Finish

Today I have a real gift that is worth thousands if you use it correctly. There’s nothing for sale, no hidden agenda and I know it will benefit you if you download it.

It’s the Mindmap I created when I was working on WSO Domination.

It includes everything you would need to know when creating a product or WSO, and when I say everything I mean everything. I cover topics such as:-

  • Product Creation
  • Sales Page Creation
  • Content Creation
  • Everything

Make sure you check this out and be sure to consult it when you’re working on your next product/WSO. You can download the Mindmap below.


As always your questions and comments are more than welcome.



  • Mike Russen

    Reply Reply September 17, 2012

    Hi John,

    Great post and thanks for the mindmap – really useful information and as you say it is worth 1,000’s if implemented properly.



  • Carl Picot

    Reply Reply September 17, 2012

    Thanks for the brilliant advice once again John.

    Very grateful for your help as always.

    This is a brilliant insight in to how to run a successful WSO.

    cheers Carl

  • geoff Lord

    Reply Reply September 17, 2012

    thanks John
    thats my work for tonight mapped where did i put that compass !!

  • Jeff Moreau

    Reply Reply September 17, 2012

    Hi John, Thank you for giving away your mindmap.

  • Matt Morgan

    Reply Reply September 20, 2012

    A Picture tells a thousand words, and a mind map is a good clear way to show you the process on a diagram.

    I use mindmaps for my WSOs, and they work well, as everything is laid on a diagram,

    Which can be used as a template for your future WSOs.

    That is what i do with my WSO reports.

  • Matt Morgan

    Reply Reply September 21, 2012

    Do get your first WSO Released!

    If you are in the Internet Marketing niche, you should look to create a WSO, for releasing your product:

    Here are some reasons that you should create a WSO:

    Reason #1 –It is Low Risk
    If it is a low risk idea, then what is to loose? why not try it out.

    Reason #2 – Release a WSO for Test Purposes
    To test something, you have to try it out properly, so why not use your own product as a guinea pig? to get your OWN results, rather than read other peoples?

    Reason #3 – Gain some Visibility
    You have to show that you are still around, otherwise your fans might start to wonder where you are.

    Reason #4 –Gain some Credibility In The WSO Training Space
    Showing newbies that WSO creation/launching is possible even if you are a newbie is important, so this is good.

    Reason #5 – Driving Traffic to your offer
    We have to keep trying to generate traffic, and what better than WSO traffic? highly targeted traffic, which is from potential buyers.

    Matt Morgan

  • B. R. Aindead

    Reply Reply September 24, 2012

    Good Sir,

    You gave me the same key you gave everyone else.

    Me, I’m using mine for everything from stirring coffee

    to making ice.

    Ama building something to sail, can you figure out what it ease?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome guidance, pal.


  • John Banks

    Reply Reply February 28, 2013

    This is awesome. I am looking to release my first WSO and I came across this site. Really great mindmap – thank you.

    Its more of a test really – probably just do a very low price item. Maybe even a $1 job…

    Thanks again!

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